Custom Harley Davidson Nighttrain Bobber Chopper

2004 Harley Davidson Nighttrain Custom built by 68 Custom Austria. Follow us on IG: andr3as_sch03ch7


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21 Comments to “Custom Harley Davidson Nighttrain Bobber Chopper”

  1. Please tell me the name of this song and artist

  2. oversized23 says:

    schönes bike und gutes video, leider fehlt der Motorsound ! :(

  3. I originally wanted to watch for the bike but found myself in awe of the film maker and how he put this short clip together. This is cool as fuck

  4. Whats the name of the song please

  5. MrEddiT says:

    Extrem geile Karre! 💪👍

  6. Gutiu Octav says:

    Superb machine! Big Up!! The Track is – Jelly Roll – Bad Blood – whoever finds smth more about that track pls post a link in reply. Thx and have a super day, enjoy the ride

  7. Whitch model HD was the basis? 48?

  8. Vids awesome! Musics awesome! But I can't find it anywhere!!!!!!! It's killing me I need this band in my life lol

  9. Great bike and awesome video production 👍

  10. What wheels are these? Also size of rear and front tire? (180/200mm)

  11. Your bike is so beautiful but I have a cuestion, What gender of soundtrack is this?

  12. Joshy George says:

    haha loved the video!! badass!! shot with gopro + gimble?

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