24 Comments to “CUSTOM HARLEY DAVIDSON BUILD | MY King Of Custom 883 IRON (PART 2)”

  1. Axel skald says:

    What a fk these pants no have things like a balls it's a plane like a flat earth and this shit of video of sporter Sorry i don't like lose my time.

  2. id rather have an xrs900. much better performance

  3. mac ducati says:

    Skinny jeans? no mate, girls wear them they're called jeggings!

  4. Twowheeler 1 says:

    Little elves at work? Never insult the guy that builds your bike dude.

  5. Jason Gibbs says:

    You should try flexing more in your videos man you don't do that nearly enough.. and your fucking jeans .. how far does your boyfriend shove his fist up your ass?

  6. robert theis says:

    am i the only one who noticed justin bieber playing at a harley shop????

  7. lost me at outfit for the day :/

  8. amal dev says:

    is there any exercise to get rid of gynocomasthia

  9. j mo says:

    I never though a man with a beard could be unmanly… then I discovered hipsters. I never thought a man with a jacked physique could be uncool… then I discovered narcissistic social-media addicts. I never thought a man who wore super tight skinny jeans could look ridiculous… wait, yes, that's exactly what I've always thought. You sir, have just checked off all those categories. Someone needs to say it, damn, cant go through life without getting your shit checked every now and then

  10. mimmo romano says:

    lex are the best! I hope to meet you one day … maybe here in Italy !

  11. +LexFitness – TeamBOOMBaby! that bike is so sick. I'm not a Harley guy but that one is DOPE!!

  12. TheSideburno says:

    Iron 883, the bike I want. Nice one

  13. Larry Oping says:

    I was goin to get a Harley Iron till I found out JEWS bought the company now Fuck that!

  14. Michael Rose says:

    make it a hard tail! you dont need comfort or a spine, both are overrated.

  15. IversonGR says:

    i like how we like the same things
    metal,harley bikes and gym

  16. Sameer patil says:

    Nacho libre's Jack Black pose on point! 😀 😀 @ 2:43

  17. Those r some gay shit pants man. U r a manly man. Wat da fuck. U gona proud owner of a Harley. Grow up. Lol

  18. Rev0UK1 says:

    Hey, is there an inside leg measurement for the new joggers? Im pretty tall (6ft 3'ish) so wondering if they end up running up short. Thanks.

  19. Ab Dessouki says:

    @lexfitness the camo sleeved T-shirt is still out of stock, anyway I could know if you will ever get it back? I want to make an order for the american football jersey but since I'm here in Florida I want to order more than one shirt

  20. Chris Mejia says:

    RIP my ears in the beginning

  21. Your a sick cunt lex! Good shit mate!

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