Custom “Bad Guys” Themed Chopper by OCC

Orange County Choppers: Design, Engineer and Fabricate a Custom Motorcycle.


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25 Comments to “Custom “Bad Guys” Themed Chopper by OCC”

  1. hklausen says:

    When one over do it, it end up looking ridiculous. That's my opinion.

  2. what kind of handlebars is this? Love that it sticks out so you dont have to lean forward.

  3. joeysixtysix says:

    They have never built anything that even remotely resembles a chopper. An 1100 pound yuppie billet barge with corny do-dads glued to it is not a chopper. Clown bikes.

  4. Tezz online says:

    hasil modifikasinya manteb.

  5. david villa says:

    bla bla bla ser hoy dont havt another show o como se diga

  6. Haikooye says:

    I just ejaculated a load of American dreams by watching this , incredible works !

  7. I would've enjoyed this video much more WITHOUT that shitty music.

  8. Mr. Black says:

    Horde custom chopper it's perfect

  9. supercooled says:

    his arms aren't straight out. just saw a video of rich Piana riding. looked gangster as fuck!

  10. Mirza says:

    Better than horde mount, for sure.

  11. Carlos Nunez says:

    haha i don't think they have a clue what this song is about.
    The bike has some nice aspects but, like always OCC over does it with cheezy ass over decorating.

  12. Demais. AH, se eu tivesse como adquirir uma máquina dessa, sobretudo com a marca OCC!!! Ô meu Deus!!! Quem me dera!
    Luiz Gonzaga Feitosa do Carmo 85-988797293

  13. Whatever happened to these clown anyway?

  14. J.C. Viklund says:

    its like a gorilla on a chopper

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