Custom Airbrushed Motorcycle by Chinnie’s Custom Airbrushing.wmv

Here’s the finished bike I airbrushed for one of my friends. Hope you all enjoy! Peace!!!


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23 Comments to “Custom Airbrushed Motorcycle by Chinnie’s Custom Airbrushing.wmv”

  1. BBQ1752 says:

    killer paint job man keep it up

  2. Absolutely Awesome!!!! Great work!

    Now where is your model kits??? Huh? Huh?

    Just kidding! Great video!

  3. awesome talent bro, just awesome

  4. u put to many skulls on it but it looks nice

  5. Chinnie says:

    @bakersk8erboy Yea, I would've only added a few myself, but, you gotta make the customer happy too. Peace!!!

  6. Chinnie says:

    Thanks Bro!! LOL,,, soon Bro,,soon!! Peace!!!

  7. Chinnie says:

    Thanks Hon,, love ur comments!!

  8. Chinnie says:

    Thank you Brother!!

  9. @fredachinnie64 ooo i thought i was for u hahaha

  10. holy c** speechless….beautiful work

  11. coolroder32 says:

    LOVE , LOVE, LOVE your work man wish i could do that

  12. CTspeedshop says:

    Awesome Work Chinnie!!!

  13. Bro this is fucking sick very awesome paint job I'm speech less it's just so bad ass

  14. Chinnie says:

    Thanks Brother!! I'm doing another bike right now. This one is gonna be a 76' Harley Sportster. The customer wants it painted Hugger Orange with a Flip Flop Pearl over it then I'm gonna free hand some Black Flames over it! It's coming out Crazy right now. Stay tuned for that video shortly!! Peace!!!

  15. i55ue5 says:

    very nice. is that a paasche vl in there? did you do it all with that?

  16. Chinnie says:

    Thanks for asking!! I have several airbrushes I use on my projects! The Paacshe I primarily use on T-shirts and on a few of my model cars.

  17. I don't mean to be rude and I don't mean to offend you. But using the same stencil over and over kinda ruined it, at least for me. Not to put your skill down or anything like that. Just seeing the same skull all over the place is kinda boring and looks sort of…amateur. Outside of that it's great. Hell for all I know that's exactly what the customer wanted. if so…meh there's no accounting for taste.

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