12 Comments to “Clymer Manuals Honda GB500 Vintage Classic Motorcycle HoAME Rally Cafe Racer Video”

  1. modderfreak says:

    I felt that the word "ruin" wasn't enough

  2. Agree hotsitxix, its all bolt on. I've got a set of rearsets on my survivor CB500 and boy for some you'd think I was committing a mortal sin. 10 minutes and the old pegs are back in place. In the meantime, I've added a functional/position improvement that actually improve my riding exp…

  3. good condition? Post up the results when you sell it.

  4. i have one for sale on craigslist in austin tx

  5. We will be at the 2011 HoAME rally. June 4-5. Bring out those great bikes.

  6. Would a GB500 be a good first bike?

  7. @ClymerManuals correct, more or less. :-))

  8. @TheColinChapman

    Art is in the eye of the beholder?

  9. the bike seems to be in a good condition, but why the heck did they destroy the bike with so many non-original details? rearview mirrors, turn signals, rear shock absorbers, reflectors, exhaust pipe? this is like painting a moustache on Mona Lisa's smile.

  10. modderfreak says:

    those turn signals are HORRIBLE! they rape the poor bike 🙁

  11. That is such a sexy motorcycle. I think Honda was a few years too early with this one. With the publics' infatuation with everything "retro," I think a factory cafe from Honda would sell like crazy. Just look what they are doing with that chopper they have coming out.

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