Clutch repair Triumph

Straight out of a backstreet barebones motorcycle repair shop in Ft. Lauderdale. Real Bikes. Real Work. No Fancy Crap. How to repair a clutch on 1972 Daytona …


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  1. Dreadful video, I learnt nothing this dude explainded nout

  2. Oi – listen up, this is brando & i filmed this bleeding video, so none of my out of place comments are not Josh's. 

  3. Gavin. T says:

    Thanks guys your teaching me heaps,cool vids man,do some more!

  4. sdbroncrider says:

    Should've shown the primary chain adjuster, the slider, the thrust washer,  how to replace the roller bearings.  Also the biggest thing is how to adjust the slack in the push rod.  Alot of people leave no slack for the pushrod to float and they adjust it tight and than it burns off the end of the rod or the adjuster.  Also when all done shoudl've advised on the right amount of oil and maybe a recommendation on weight of oil. 

  5. mrstupid says:

    All Triumph clutches have that wobble when disengaged,a new thrust washer would improve it.I did not see the refitting of the 20 rollers and that is fun to do

  6. "last adjustment we have to make…" well, im going to ride away now.

  7. Before opening it up, I thought it was the nut backing off, but I found that tight. I did replace the thrust washer, but the clutch hub was the main cause of my shifting problems. A little something I learned fix NYC street bikes.

  8. Dan Drackett says:

    so you just replaced the hub rubbers? looked more like the thrust washer behind the basket was worn out. or should you be able to wobble the basket like that?

    or did the clutch hub nut back off slightly?

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