classic racing motorcycles at brooklands.

classic racing motorcycles from the 20s to the 80s, what a glorious noise.


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  2. @katana258 And the ground was shaking as well.

  3. was gonna send this to you then realised it was yours…. they sound great

  4. @TheCyberocker You realy need big speakers for this one lol.

  5. all you can hear are them noisy little jap bikes!! lol

  6. The marshall told the guy with the Honda 250 4 to stop revving it. It,s still classic din though…

  7. I love them all ! been around bikes for 60 years, classic and modern all great sounds.

  8. conan howard says:

    better than top of the pops

  9. Pity their isn't a Trident or an MV 3 ! now your talking about great sounds.

  10. I should have shot some footage in the car park,there were some amazing bikes that were still being used day to day.

  11. burghill1979 says:

    as for that marshall – get a life mate or go work else where!!!!!!!!

  12. Unfortunately it's the neighbours that are the problem. As usual, they move in next to a working airfield and complain about the noise. It's a shame we cant hear these bikes at full chat as God intended. The museum would like to run Concordes engines every so often,but the council will shut them down if the shithead neighbours complain..

  13. GregDucati says:

    or even a g50, brough superior, vincent or a porcupine ;)

  14. Kribo Alim says:

    agree…they just dont understand the beauty of these bike sound

  15. If I was a proper film maker I would use a tripod, but nobody makes one that I can put in my pocket and carry on the bike. However, you can see by the image quality that this camera cost no more than Fifty Quid. I now use a much better camera that has anti shake feature. Panasonic HX DC2 £99.

  16. Gohot229 says:

    "Clasic racing at Brooklands" oh really, you don't say…when?

  17. The date is quite clearly posted 14 of March 2010

  18. R C Nelson says:

    What was the bike with the fireplug head?

  19. 441rider says:

    The Vincent looked ready to kick ass or ram someone.

  20. John Mård says:

    Those japs sounds awful. IMO!

  21. what a sou………..nd i m always crazy Wingate. …..

  22. what a sou………..nd i m always crazy Wingate. …..

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