5 Comments to “Classic Motorcycle Racing. NZCMRR 350 BSA GOLDSTAR TAUPO ( ON BOARD )”

  1. Well spotted. Had just changed to a mag from points, so rev counter was way out. Probably doing its usual 8 and a half.

  2. pguinth1 says:

    Holy shit!!! Revving routinely past 10 grand on a new motor. I knew the 350s were revvier than 500s but I had no idea. Has this motor lasted? I never took my DBD34 past 7200, but scrambles motors went way past that, judging from particular internal wear.

  3. notwocdivad says:

    Hi Brendon, Very wise not to risk a new motor chasing those lot! As a Goldie rider you should check out, Royal Enfield@Classic Race from MOTO geek, a real eye opener. Cheers and good luck with the racing. Dave.

  4. notwocdivad says:

    After seeing the whole vid it seems from your exhaust note that the bike is off the power for quite a while in the bends rather than powering through the bends. However this is only an impression from the video I could be ( and probably am) a thousand miles out. Anyway, this is not a dig at you, just a constructive opinion. Thanks for a very entertaning video, brought back some great memories. Dave UK

  5. notwocdivad says:

    Was that a Goldie fitted with twin exhausts?? Nice video lovely sounds. Thanks for posting. Dave.

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