8 Comments to “Classic Iron MotorCycle Museum Promotional Video”

  1. beebrady says:

    Hey guys .. just so you knwo unfortunatly this museum is not housed in Niagara Falls anymore 🙁

  2. lobsterfu says:

    I live in Buffalo & Didny know the museum was there…… Ill be riding up!

  3. unimogman404 says:

    Been there 3 times and the next time I'm going to Niagara falls, I'm going again ! Eye candy !

  4. Craig Kulig says:

    y isnt the crocker or the 750cc harley dirtbike in the promtional vid, the crocker at least, that was one of the coolest bike's i had ever seen

  5. fransm20 says:

    Verry good!!thank!Frans Hendriks Holland

  6. beebrady says:

    thanks … you should come and check out the museum

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