6 Comments to “Classic Bike Guide: Little and large… 1958 BSA Gold Star & 1957 BSA B31”

  1. mike judd says:

    Wonderful Bike, Wonderful Engine. I,m building a B31 caf racer and have been modifying the engine and was wondering what camshafts you were using. Best Regards Mike.

  2. dinerman2000 says:

    great bikes nice mods, i have bsa super rocket , love it had belt drive clutch convertion, electronic egnition, and a load of other mods done on engine, because its a keeper always wanted one……

  3. jackracer62 says:

    Deux superbes moto , et quel bruit ! Bravo les amis c est du super Boulot

  4. trident1702 says:

    You guys really makes some interesting videos with some very interesting bikes – but you really needs some better microphones. The sound is way of!
    But still some great bikes and don't take my critisism too hard. It's all said with the most positive thoughts.

  5. roadrocket says:

    they sound like a motorbike should.

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