Cheap Drift trike wheels 3 (Barrow wheel mod 2 (add motorbike bearings and strengthen)

For all those who are looking for high performance but at less than half the cost of go-kart wheels, then this could be your answer. Many trikers start with barrow wheels and sleeves. The barrow bearings are utter rubbish and wear out in a day. So you can buy £1 motor bike bearings and add these for starters and then if you have a welder, you can weld the press fit barrow wheels. At about £30 a pair plus tyres for go-kart and only £10 for wheels and tyres, its a third the price. I’ve run both for a year and a half and the performance is the same. Side impact like kurbs are always problem for any wheel but at £5 each for a barrow wheel you can’t go wrong.


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  1. Where did you buy the bearing from ?? 

  2. Just a thought, i have very similar wheels to you, but iv noticed that as soon as you spin and hit a curb, the pvc goes off center. And is never perfectly balanced, i decided to put two wheels each side, which not only makes them stronger, but also makes it so the pvc is balanced and will spin flat.

  3. matty g says:

    what size pvc do you use

  4. The reason the bearing felt lumpy is because you hit it with a hammer. If you're gonna tap it in use a large socket to only apply force to the outside of the bearing. Also you only need to weld the center part, the flange is fine. I use the same wheels and wanted to see if you had a more better method than me for strengthening but pretty much the same, good video, thanks for sharing with everyone.

  5. Gopro 4 life says:

    Hi do you have the links to where you can buy tyres and pvc?

  6. Gopro 4 life says:

    Thanks and where did you get the pvc struggling to find cheap sleeves to fit 10" (256mm) wheels anywhere

  7. does 10 inch pvc pipe fit these?

  8. Project DIY says:

    Amazing video man. Really was looking for someone who did this. I want to do this but was afraid of the bending situation. I plan on welding my go kart axle directly to one hub and when ever I want to change the tire, I just unscrew the bolts. Do you think this will work? Thanks.

  9. pRoFlT says:

    Are these HF wheels? how long do they last for you? I know you add plastic on the outsides. but have you tried these modifications and used the rubber part of the tires for any amount of time? Meaning will they last at all as go kart wheels once the modifications are done? I've just completed the same modification but still working on go kart so i was wondering what the outcome of long term use is? Thanks. great video.

  10. Tim B says:

    where are u buying your bearings

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