Changing oil on my 650 Triumph Bonneville

As I have had loads of hassle with my carbs running rich I decided to do an oil change just in case of petrol getting to the oil. The top hat filter was damaged so a …


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  1. River Carson says:

    Hi I'm an eighteen year old who is doing a full clean of my dads 69 t120, since it hasn't been run in almost 20 years. I was just wondering is the silicon grease to prevent leaks? Thanks for the video, very helpful.

  2. Hi Mr Lunmad
    Thanks for sharing this video.
    I've just received an old T140 Bonnie of 1979 and want to change engine oil.
    The problem is that the oil drain plug is stuck.
    What size of socket / type of wrench do you use ?
    I am French using metric and not familiar with imperial sizes, sorry !
    Do I need to heat the case with propane torch ?
    Any advice would be welcome

  3. Lynn LaMar says:

    I sure do appreciate this video, Mr. Lunmad!! I am a 64 year old woman who is the proud owner of a 1971 650 Bonne. The more I learn, the happier I am. She and I are just a couple of antiques enjoying the road!!!

  4. Wow all that sludge! I wonder how full the crank sludge tap is, what oil do you use.?  I use Semi synth 10/40 every change, remove the Oil tank and strainers clean thoughly in my parts washer, the oil stays clean till the next change.  Can't say a like oil in the frame, the heavy guage frame dosn't disapate the heat as a thin steel remote tank as on my '65 TR6.   I buy oil from Costco, 20lts 10/40 semi  £35 at this price you can change it more than every 1500 miles.  Love watching others work,  Cheers mate.. If yer ever in Jockland I'll buy yer a pint in the Carbeth Inn…

  5. Hi mate I have a triumph bonneville t140 1978 my sump plate wer filter is has oil pipe coming from it is it the same filter as wot u have used here. As iv bought 1 and dint no if it will be OK 

  6. Matt Correia says:

    Hey i just bought a BSA Victor 1965, reading the haynes manual after watching this, if i am not mistaken you not only changed the drive case oil, but also the gear box oil.  Should point out that the gear box uses a different oil than the drive case.  On mine its 80W-90 gear oil and 20W-50

  7. I was 2 minutes into this video before I realized that he was speaking English!

  8. These are the oil in frame models, that plate gasket would often leak it was not thick enough and made from paper, the gauze filter or top had was no good, they could break
    up and not filter fine particles a paper filter upgrade was the only answer, you should not
    really reuse gaskets or copper washes they only cost pennies it's bad practice unless you are really stuck. With the price of gas now to heat them cherry red it better to buy new. These bikes always used 20/50 oil, if you put a thin oil in it could do damage to the engine and no way synthetic.

  9. lunmad says:

    Hi Jeremy 🙂
    the oil tank is about 4pts. A better guide is the hight of oil in the tank.
    Fill the tank (OIF) until 1"-2" down from the filler neck.
    In general if you can touch the oil with you finger through the neck there's enough in 🙂
    Do not fill above the return pipe inside tank.
    Hope this helps.

  10. I have a noob question. What is the oil capacity for a 1972 triumph? I'm in the process of changing oil but want to make sure I put in the right amount. thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my question.

  11. lunmad says:

    It just happens I have sprung a leak through the studs I think. I'll cobble a video together of my process. Flatness of the mating surfaces is imperative. I'll try do it over the next few days.

  12. lunmad says:

    Hi Bruce glad to help 🙂

  13. Thank you. I'm finishing up my rebuild on my 72 Bonneville. Now I know what to prime it woth before I do the top end.

  14. lunmad says:

    Hi Bruce 🙂
    I used to always use Duckhams Q 20/50, can't get that no more
    so I now use Morris Golden Film 20/50

  15. James Deann says:

    Enjoyed watching the video of external oil filter. Had difficulty getting the oil pipes onto the filter kit spigots but did it after nearly an hour. I also found a magnet in the bottom of the OIF to catch the metal shavings but binned that too. Out of interest now you have external filter, how many miles between oil changes are you choosing?

  16. lunmad says:

    Hi James 🙂
    I have since fitted an inline spin on filter and an oil cooler and made a vid 🙂 but I also kept the top-hat filter

  17. James Deann says:

    I recently bought a 1972 Bonneville reg 1973 too. Did not fancy having to go through the mess you did every thousand miles though. Bought myself the universal Tri/Norton/BSA spin-on oil filter off ebay & clamped it to the bottom of the OIF in front of the rear wheel with a big st/steel exhaust clamp. Binned the top-hat tea strainer, so now the Triumph has proper filtering plumbed into the oil return line. No more messy gasket changing & I can get away with a clean oil change every 6000 miles.

  18. chugerich, I have a 71 TR6R and trying to figure it out too,,, manual has no pictures… you make a video of yours?

  19. nwroadrat says:

    You probably don't like the new Triumphs, but I think an oil change is much easier on them.

  20. Your videos are great. Im going to try to grt my 79 bonneville running with help of the videos you make. Thanks so much.

  21. R Flo says:

    you should change that oil about 3 more times to get the dirt flushed out.

  22. kkkkkeenny says:

    can i know the amount of oil did you put on 8:59? and the mount of oil you put on the frame? is there a transmission oil in bonneville sorry i'm a newbie with triumph bike i usually ride a sportster

  23. uraldneprvw says:

    What oil did you use when your re-filled? Cheers

  24. andy m says:

    Very informative vids, thanks for posting. I have a TR7V Tiger, my first Brit bike.

  25. Thanks Lunmad!! I just got a 71 Tiger and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to change the oil. It was a bit emmasculating. 😉
    ! I guess I'm used to all my Japanese bikes I had growing up….

  26. lunmad says:

    It's a 1972 registered in '73

  27. roynexus6 says:

    John, what year is this bike ?

  28. So question.
    I just drain my oil in my 79 750 bonnie, drain the crankcase and oil tank…fill up, and when i road it, oil was spitting out of my crankcase breather line real bad….as the bike seemed to be running hot, because I could feel the heat from the crankcase breather line.

    Do i need to prime the system or something?

    thanks for the info.

  29. lunmad says:

    😀 you're right about disgusting oil it was! Just before I did the rings and head,
    at the time it was using loads of oil and living on big top ups but no changes.
    "You're right I need a kick up the butt" 😀

  30. lunmad says:

    Cheers aaakazenmaaa 😀
    no problem

  31. Questions says:

    Thanks for the information. Groovy looking bike too!

  32. lunmad says:

    Hi there! 🙂
    whoops time for a g/box vid!
    Mine is a left hand change, so that oil comes with the g/box oilcheck.
    The level is found by removing the small central bolt from g/box drain plug,
    when oil stops dripping out it is correct
    the bike must be level.
    If you have not done it before you should remove the drain plug and check there is a little tube still attached to it.
    Fill it up the the clutch cable hole.

  33. Nick Soto says:

    Thank for the info. i just got my first 1972 t120r this will help…. do u add oil to the shift lever area?

  34. lunmad says:

    HI creek1369 🙂 I'm glad they are helping. 2 x 68's verry nice.
    The pump would of primed eventually after many kicks, it's surprising just how little oil the pump delivers.

  35. lunmad says:

    Hi notwocdivad will do! its time I had a look at it 😀

  36. notwocdivad says:

    @lunmad I expect you get plenty of requests well here`s another, How does your "comical" front brake perform? I have an RE Bullet with a similar 2ls brake with a less than great reputation the same as yours. Fancy doing a set up vid on the front brake sometime? Cheers anyway for the informative and fun videos.

  37. lunmad says:

    Thanks dogtiredd 🙂
    don't know ow I missed ya post!
    And a happy new year to one and all 2010 😀

  38. lunmad says:

    Thanks 67giacomo 🙂
    I'm glad my vids are helping,
    Regular oil changes are the secret behind these old girls.
    It's also a good habit to turn petrol taps off when not running, and not overdoing the tickling as that can lead to petrol flush.

  39. 67giacomo says:

    I had my left plug foul out.I got fuel in the oil myself.Thank You for you great vids.With the manuals and your help getting my 76 Bonnie in great shape.

  40. lunmad says:

    Hi MrGatohead I heat it to anneal the copper, it makes it soft, so seals better.
    I removed my main stand a long time ago, I got sick of it scraping the road on left handers.
    With plenty of oil changes your trusty Triumph will last for years 🙂
    Well any motor really.
    happy servicing 😀

  41. MrGatohead says:

    Hmm – why do you heat up the copper sump gasket? Also… is your center stand removed for this procedure? Excellent vid for the novice, which I am. I won't be paying anyone to change my oil. Thanks

  42. dogtiredd says:

    I just learnt more in 11 minutes than I would learn in half a day of poking round. Thank you for the videos.

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