CBR600RR Vs Police Harley Davidson

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47 Comments to “CBR600RR Vs Police Harley Davidson”

  1. That's a cool cop! Here's to our boys of blue!!!%

  2. jason Last says:

    People post video's of "Coolest Cop Ever"    Ummmmmmmmm, NO!   This Fucking guy IS the Coolest Cop Ever!!

  3. Holtham01 says:

    Cool cop 👍👍it's not all about making money out of bikers and motorists !!

  4. Not sure if theirs a car in the background or the CBR just has a mad Turbo…

  5. Dude you shouldn't have done it he would've been feeling so bad

  6. Sa Atuatasi says:

    Now, das a cool ass Policeman!!!

  7. The Harley air compressor is a dog.

  8. Dane Lovell says:

    I did something very similar in my early twenties, we were in cars however. I had a 91 Mustang GT convertible and he was in a supervisor police car. The officer was a friend of mine and we went racing through city streets. The reaction of everyone outside was priceless. Nicely done.

  9. JJ BB says:

    Deberian haber mas policías Afroamericanos.. molan seguro que te pillan con droga y te dicen shhh.. no se lo diremos a nadie pero vamos a ponernos ciegos  (o^^)o

  10. wrexstar 69 says:

    Did that cop really get in trouble? :(

  11. Mottbox says:

    Why the heck didn't you blur his face and number…. :(

  12. polisi juga bisa khilaf kalo udah sama2 naik moge haha

  13. Brian Guy says:

    The dude the recorded this video is a fucking prick, cool ass chill cop and you got his ass fired. You're a dumb POS.

  14. Charles King says:

    Thats awesome. Perfect example of bad is good. Sure, this is wrong… But how often do you smile while watching a cop in a vid? Cops are heros in my book, but some choose the profession rather than being called to it.

  15. Acts 17:11 says:

    Coolest cop ever!!! The world would be a lot better off with cops like this😍

  16. Cris Lerose says:

    at the second light people around the both of you must have been thinking is that quy nuts…that's a cop!!

  17. glseezy says:

    Hope that cop doesn't get in trouble with the vid lol

  18. im gonna be a cop like that xD

  19. James Ransom says:

    plenty of cool and good cops, just a media bias against them. trying to make them look like the bad guys in a lot of instances when they are not and really playing up the few times when they are the bad guys. and they almost never get any good press

  20. Grape Ape says:

    You know almost all cops are cool, I know several. And it's there job to keep everyone safe on the road, it's just the person they pull over that did something wrong, that gives the cop a hard time and makes them mad, and makes the cop look like the bad guy. If you are talking to someone and they get up in your face, I bet you would get mad to. If you get pulled over just be nice to the cop, and if he hadn't just finished dealing with a asshole he may or may not give you a ticket. Remember cops are humans too they have bad days just like you.

  21. 817javier says:

    Poor cop ended up losing his job because of this video.

  22. nsaPals says:

    Best video all year, awesome…I hope he doesn't get fired, you should blur his plate and face dude

  23. l8terz13 says:

    This cop gets fired for accelerating to the speed limit within seconds of a complete stop with another rider, mean while all the other cops walk free after murdering innocent fathers by rapid gun fire in front of their children and wives..

  24. holy cow I dint kno they still made real true American cops anymore

  25. Mitch Lee says:

    cause he's a FCKING idiot

  26. Holy shit this is in my hometown, Montgomery Alabama

  27. Tom Polet says:

    What year cbr and if it has a custom exhaust, which?

  28. Chero One says:

    Hella cool cop it would be nice they all could be like that

  29. HyperRacing says:

    what an awesome cop 😀 god bless him

  30. now that's a cop. unlike the one who gave me ticket at 2:30 am on an empty road for going 9 over smh

  31. John Walker says:

    That cop was bad ass. need to find one

  32. that is the coolest fucking cop I've seen

  33. Peter C says:

    What a great Police Officer. The world needs more like him. 

  34. Do u see the diffenece between black cops and white cops u racist ppl

  35. Mgz Trucking says:

    ése es un oficial de muy buena actitud que no es como otros que se creen que son los dueños del mundo

  36. lothar654 says:

    from 1:48 till 4:15 u just got ur left blinkers on man :/ hate when people do that.

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