Cafe Racer (Yamaha XV920R/Virago 1100 by Greg Hageman)

(Legendado em Português) what does the Vincent Black Lightning have to do with the Yamaha XV920R/Virago? Aesthetically, nothing. But technically, at least 3 …


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  1. SquillyMon says:

    My Hat is off to this man… Fantastic Machines, Unmatched Skill as well as Vision. I've owned about 5 Virago's over the years…in fact I dont think there is a bike made that I didn't own at one point or another. "Buy Broken, Repair, Ride, Sell at a Profit…Sort of my "Motto" actually.

    Say… Since you have also been playing with Virago's… What is your secret to getting them to run properly and or Equally across both cylinders? Carbs? Intake Boots? Diaphragms? Jetting? Air Screw adjustments? These are known issues for many a Virago…they can be very finicky sometimes…but when they are running good…they run GREAT However…So they are worth the time and effort. They just tend to run like shit more oft than not. Also…What is your Electric Starter Solution? If you know Virago's…you will understand the Two of my Questions…and I know you understand, so I'm looking forward to your response Sir. ANYWAY, Excellent work my man…keep them coming !!!

  2. SquillyMon says:

    Anyone else notice that TYPHOON ??? Don't see many if ANY of those anymore… This man has Impeccable taste… I must say.

  3. Thank you. I have seen pictures of Billy Joel on various different bikes. I didn't know he owned one of those. On the subject of the Vincent, look up Hunter S Thomson review of one. In summary, he liked the engine and the power, but didn't think much of the handling. It was meant to be stable, which it was. But you were also meant to be able to turn it or bank it, which once over about 70 or 80 mph, he couldn't… which would have been less of a problem if it didn't get to or through that speed so quickly and easily…

  4. Wout Wouters says:

    Heya, Beautiful! aberrant sprout !!

  5. lourens4711 says:

    Dude! You make awesome videos. i have watched them all. Love the music too!

  6. 7A says:

    that vincent would not reach 200. the shot with rollie free wearing the bathing suit was done at bonneville were he touched 150 mph.

  7. Cool auch hier der Beweis, weniger ist manchmal mehr.

  8. Raul Cota says:

    this is like a love story never ending ,,,,,,, un cuento de amor interminable ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. Obrigado racer TV por vídeos tão bons me inspiro cada dia a mais em meu projeto sem vocês talvez eu nem teria pensado em modificar minha motocicleta obrigado. 

  10. My DREAM project bike !!!! XV 920……. but whennn wheenn…. !!!

  11. MrSlowestD16 says:

    What a gorgeous build. I love Virago based builds, they're terrific platforms, IMO. The lines of that wide angle v-twin and the gap they create just look epic together.

  12. Lex zenidis1 says:

    As always, the choice in music backdrop is aurally appealing, as always….. which piece is this ?

  13. editor alph says:

    wow. 2 thumbs up if I could :)

  14. Johnfly8 says:

    I love this because the builder used a very unappreciated motorcycle engine. Living in the US, I have always loved these type of high revving engines. Honda CB350 rules.

  15. Awesome bike, i would like to buy a virago 250 and do the same, and it will use chain…

  16. Dana Herron says:

    i have always thought that yamaha looked to vincent for inspiration for the virago series. then the stylists "americanized" it to the bikes detriment.

  17. Thanks for another great production. You are aware you are dealing with one of the greatest icons in motorcycle history. I have never had the opportunity to ride a Vincent but I believe from hearing one that their soul is the only one that would rate higher than a Norton for sheer class. He has done a great job with the virago which would be a relatively easy project compared to a real bike because the motor is Japanese. But it really is a shallow comparison. The Americans do not appreciate this but he has done a great job nevertheless. It is an inspiring and moving video clip. Thanks.

  18. vykhn says:

    as usual, you bring oustanding bikes to us all. This video is a crescendo of beauties.
    Thank you

  19. Wojtek Spyra says:

    I do like the overall apereance quite a bit but i wouldnt like to ride it though as it is missing quite a bit of the frame. unfortunatelly/

  20. Sensacional transformação.

  21. Living in the real world with limited budgets using the good old Virago is a place to start. I don't like imposible bikes to purchase, it seems to me that sort of things betrays the spirit of the original rockers, to be rigth the original creators of the Cafe Racer concept, since most if not all of them used to come from the working class. Virago it's a great bike, with one of the great engines of all times, my only objetion were the cardan axe that sucks, but since this beautiful convertion to chain left only pure power and beauty.

  22. Mirage Piper says:

    Great vid, always love to catch a glimpse of a Vincent, good treatment of a humble virago too :)

  23. dingo416 says:

    Once more, another beautiful video, showing a absolutely beautiful bike. It's one of those bikes you look at, and try to find something you would change or add or remove. But you just come up with one conclusion. It´s Perfect.

  24. someguy says:

    you haven't any idea. just how much i love Vincent motorcycles. TO SEE THIS, IS TRULY AWESOME. i love it. because i love Yamahas too. thank you for another great video and gorgeous motor bike.

  25. I really like all those bikes. Very stylish and they look comfortable as well. I see Viragos for sale for cheap in my area. This really has my brain thinking now.

  26. Gostei muito, mas muito mais da foto do piloto deitado na moto como um surfista. Me lembrou o filme Desafiando os Limites d o neozelandês Burt Munro e sua Indian…. Cada vez mais me acostumo ao seu modo de dizer Yamaha parecendo um japonês….Até semana que vem.

  27. rsiksUser says:

    And as always….you did a stellar job of this production. I like the bike.

  28. Tony Bunch says:

    I liked the Montage of all the other bikes included in this episode. Excellent way to compare subtle differences between the bikes.

  29. Zoltan R says:

    The frame is really neat! We didn't get to hear the engine tho… :(

  30. obrigado amigo mais uma moto para minha coleção mais um vídeo belo simples e espetacular que só me faz inspirar cada dia relembrando a moto e a apresentação obrigado e te espero na próxima semana

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