21 Comments to “Cafe Racer (BSA Beezerker by Chris Flechtner)”

  1. Just when I think I know what I'm doing, I watch Racer TV and see this…wwow, sets the bar about as high as it can go…I'm starting to feel like Salieri when he met Mozart

  2. 54macdog says:

    Wow. Art Deco meets Steampunk. Can we please see it being ridden?

  3. john smith says:

    Rear sprocket also used as the rear brake disc ?
    Keep taking the pills, whoever you are. Idiot.

  4. wtf is that voice computer about?

  5. Jahaahahha ok!

    Thanx for your channel man! I like it!

    Vamos sala praja!!!

  6. gwwayner says:

    No rear suspension? Try riding it on the roads around here! Don't plan on lubing the chain. The BSA engine alone is a work of art as was the Thunderbolt it came from.

  7. You keep finding these wonderful "slide" shows – and this time some engine sound as well.  As a piece of art, I think this is gorgeous.  As a working model I would have to see it in action but I would love to think that it performs handily.  NIIIIICE!

  8. Mark Hayward says:

    What a ugly looking bike the lines don't flow at all 

  9. Mark Hayward says:

    What a ugly looking bike the lines don't flow at all 

  10. when I was growing up a small little boy the BSA 650 was the standard.never has a bike took me the way it did.even after the CB750 came around it still got respect.and it was flawless and depenable.next time you want to do an awsome work such as this (and it is fabulous) would you please take something else,BSA deserves better than to be freaked.thank you though,for this vid,but  it makes me feel sorry for the legend.

  11. John Goodwin says:

    Ugly as sin! Grotesque!
    Don't like it at all.
    Angular and hard, no sympathy to any of the lines of the engine.
    Totally impracticable as a rideable bike

    Nice workmanship though

  12. This is not a motorcycle, it's a work of art with two wheels and a engine. NICE

  13. Venkat Naren says:

    Whoah!!…this is straight from illuminati head….Is this design  based on Eye of Horus?


  14. Mark Alton says:

    Aesthetically displeasing to my eye, it reminds me of a sewing machine.
    Utterly impractical, of course. It's one saving grace is a remarkably elegant engine.

  15. digschopper says:

    The A65 engine is one of the most beautiful sleek powerplants of all time.I like the bike,although the tank could be less square.flawless execution of the design.

  16. ken shi says:

    Not my cup of tea but I have to respect the work. Just one question, where's the front brake ?

  17. Nermket says:

    It reminds me of a Grom haha

  18. This bike does not meet the 1.618 rule….still very striking!

  19. bluedivide1 says:

    A50 or A65? year? Art Gallery –


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