34 Comments to “Buying a 1967 BSA Thunderbolt Motorcycle—Kickstart: Buy/Ride/Sell (Episode 1)”

  1. Marty Fowler says:

    I'm 50 and it was all Japanese bikes until I found a 89 BMW flying brick for $2500 canadian and this thing has not had one problem. Why am I mentionining my bmw when the video is about British motorcycles? well lately in the last month I purchased a 76 Triumph Bonneville that looked to be in great shape for $2800 and so far I've spent maybe a grand and its still not ready to certify so if you're thinking about getting an old British bike be prepared to pull out the wallet. When I bought the BMW everyone commented it would be so expensive for parts and service and so far I've only bought tires, battery and the service is so simple I do it myself.

  2. Jeff Jones says:

    I live less than a few miles where that built was built 🙂 the great city of Birmingham UK, great video.

  3. This guy knows absolutely nothing about motorcycles. zip. Squat. Nada. Clearly our host has no presenter skills and comes away from a deal paying more than the asking price. What the hell is this guy doing on a show? And just for future reference…a motorcycle does not have a steering wheel.

  4. I had a '68 500 single carb converted to a HC 650 single carb with a Boyer ignition. One kick, reliable, fun BSA ( Bone Shakin' Apparatus ).

  5. Stephen says:

    so I guess you kept the bike as we haven't seen the other promised videos in over a month…

  6. Heya, Phenomenal! matter volleyball What's your opinion about

  7. Heya, You Rock. squeak stocking What's your opinion about that, guys

  8. jontg429 says:

    Nice bike, timing side main bearings were always the weak point on the BSA twins, but this can be updated I believe.

  9. pelleper says:

    Wow, that's some crappy fuel you got there. 85 octane, damn…..

  10. Merlyn Sk says:

    We called them "Beezas" back in the day, Not "Beezers"….LOL. Like knowing a Beemer (the bike) from a Bimmer (the car.) Oh man, my age is showing. These were new bikes when I was a teen. Just please don't wreck or abuse it. It's a treasure that will speak to you and bond with you every mile you ride it. It's a shame that you are going to dump it after only 36 hours for the sake of a video. Given a chance, you might just find it irreplaceable. And yes, I have owned several Brit bikes. They were actually very reliable given appropriate TLC and maintenance. I could tell you many stories….

  11. so much vibration from the steering wheel huh?

  12. Matt Hsv says:

    I must say this is some Great production just like you would see on Top Gear UK well done.

  13. Adam Gleason says:

    This was awesome to watch. i own a 1966 BSA lightning.

  14. Jess tried to pull a fast one! ha nice try.

  15. A$AP BiSHOP says:

    So do Nathan and him both own a raptor? I thought Nathan owned one

  16. mcinkyt says:

    You got that womans number right?

  17. kkthxk says:

    Kickstart is a great idea! nice job guys.

    I enjoyed it like i was there picking up the bike with you.

  18. Troy Strain says:

    Get your motor running
    Head out on the highway
    Looking for adventure
    And whatever comes our way

  19. Hellfax says:

    I love this new series!

  20. stanos86 says:

    @tflcar…since we're on british bike…how about the Royal Enfeild 500…pre 2000 ones for the next episode

  21. Langerang says:

    Im Gonna love this series!!!

  22. Did the brake cable under the headlight at 6:30 bother you too?

  23. 12:25 Bloody hell, it's Sonny Barger – and he's wearing a toupée !!!!!

  24. James Baird says:

    very nice, what's the ccs and current hp on the commuter.?

  25. Is the raptor hard to drive at first?

  26. Great idea for a series! I'm hoping you do an old 60s Honda next.

  27. Johntyson says:

    I'm so happy to see a bike on TFL. A cafe bike, at that! I'm in transportation heaven.

  28. My favorite part is the haggle!

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