Building a Legend | Harley-Davidson Museum

What started in a 10×15 foot wooden shed, where four young men worked nights and weekends, handcrafting parts to build a legend.


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  1. wildman261 says:

    fantastic! HD will always be number 1 in motorcycles! in a league of it's own! love my 05 ultra!

  2. Brad C says:

    Just purchased my first HD in Nov 2015 and absolutely love it. Not sure what took me so long except maybe now that I'm older I have more money and can afford one. lol

  3. Classic Rock says:

    I remember when me and my dad rode his Harley down and up a empty highway blastin' some classic rock! Btw i have 12 years old.

  4. Great stuff! Absolutely loving my '14 Ultra!!

  5. Travelled from Australia to visit the Museum after attending the Sturgis Rally last year. Brought a tear to the eye to see all of the old bikes.

  6. Classic Rock says:

    The story will never end <3

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