Build A Custom Chopper Part 1 — Front Axle Wheel Spacing To build a chopper you need knowledge and guidance. Here’s a few tips on how to build a …


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  1. do you people realize how much a project like this costs ?..not to mention the difficulty of registering it with your local DMV if you even able to do so?insurance? ..and this fool on the disc works for custom choppers, so hes not paying for it and its not his bike, so all this actually is ,is a step by step  loose install mock up assembly

  2. RUKUNDO EMMY says:

    hi…I need a full dvd…and am in Rwanda, Africa. wondering do u guys help me in shipping DVD product

  3. Matt Clark says:

    What about Shimming the Motor ?

  4. Hi, just wanted to know how much round about the springer fork complete assembly cost? Ebay confuses me with all the informations and thousand companies. :D. Which aftermark is good quality?

  5. 李娟 says:

    Hi, appreciate your talent and personality, I do motorcycle parts exports is a specialized foreign trade company, we're looking for someone excellent video photographer who can work together, a strong desire to cooperate with you. waiting for your reply. Thanks!

  6. Aren Gray says:

    what kind of engine is that?

  7. Ichiban Moto says:

    I think my next build might be a bobber !

  8. Alan Koffman says:

    Specs on frame or part number from pugho.

  9. Alan Koffman says:

    Who the builder of that frame

  10. 36ELGALAN says:

    Great video, just subbed

  11. Im 13 i want to build cars for a living nd build my own cars nd bike nd fix cars imma go visit wyotech tomar with my skool nd imma visit uti with my dad i work with my dad at his shops he own 3

  12. Richardson01 says:

    3 peoples mum didn't let them get a bike

  13. Brandon Mize says:

    Don't buy this DVD. You might think "hmmm i bet they show that in the dvd's better"… Well they don't show you how to do a fucking thing except bolt shit together.

  14. Sir,
    From where can we get the complete set of tools that is used in here??? We are ready to do an online shopping as well. Kindly reply.

  15. ccguide says:

    Thanks…go to our site in the About section above, click on Bike Building Videos in the left hand Navigation bar, and it's listed there 🙂

  16. al jorel says:

    My pleasure sir,
    Sir i have a trouble, can u plz help me?
    I belongs to INDIA, bt here iz no any chopper workshop.
    I m a student , nd i wanna be a chopper designr nd its enginer.
    So wht i have to do aft finishing my school to be achieve my destination, sir.

    U wrks awesome, my pleasure to ask u question, sir.

  17. ccguide says:

    Never noticed anything like that.

  18. Wyatt Berry says:

    am I the only person that noticed the vibration of the video? you know the pulsating frames and shit?

  19. Maxime says:

    is an 1985 HONDA SHADOW 750cc a good bike to start with?
    its a cheap one.
    first ill drive with it, then ill chop it ;p
    is this a good bike?
    i saw some good projects about some 2003 HONDA SHADOW 750cc spirit

  20. TheMrOreos says:

    I don't know if you will reply because your comment is like 2 years old but I live in Ireland and there isn't many course close by my home town let alone just for bike building, the best wielding course I found was across the other side of my country. I just want to know is there really a need to do a course because all of the famous bike builders out there learned from basically living in a garage and teaching there selves.

  21. Piano0397 says:

    @kelvs9 it's called the frame or a chassis

  22. ccguide says:

    @69fordgreenmonster You can get all videos on the actual DVD which is highly recommended or you can search for short clips such as this on our channel:

  23. Alex S. says:

    Question for any motorcycle gear heads out there… I am a major CAR gear head. I have been working on them all my life and could take one apart and put it back together. Now I really want to build a motorcycle, but my questions are… 1. Do you think my knowledge would transfer semi-easily enough to do it. 2. Should i start with a rolling chassis or from scratch. I refuse to get a kit as that takes away a large majority of the creativity. Thanks for your input!

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  25. hey please tell me how much does it cost for the whole thing you have,,,,except the cameras,,,,,please tell me,,,,

  26. Justa rand says:

    @hbolle00 You can ride up to 34hp on the small drivers license cat. A
    Insurancewise you wanna stay under 600 ccm, it's cheaper that way.

    Hope you find it useful. – A fellow Dane.

  27. how much will a custom build 250cc cost to make?
    im only 17, and i can get my drivers license in a half year.. so i'd like a cheap but good bike as a "starter" – and i can only use 250cc in Denmark …
    so i was wondering if it pays off to make it myself.. or buy a used 500cc and get it downgraded to 250cc

  28. patbelski says:

    Hey, thanks a lot ccguide!
    i used to be really into hot rodding, and know nothing of the motorcycle world… because of money, i'm thinking of toying around with a cafe racer or a bobber, and these videos are gold! thanks for taking the time to do this.
    and no thank you, trolls! saying this video doesn't show him building anything. there is clearly a time limit on videos, and who would build a bike in one take?! go watch some orange county drama.

  29. I like this video. it gave me confidence to build my own bike. It looks easy and it kind of is but you run into all sorts of shit along the way I know this from doing it my self. So all the fools trying to bad mouth this video are full of crap. Thanks for the tips!

  30. Looks good but its only putting things together like a model car xd

  31. Chris Naude says:

    @teamziehm1 Agree, this is like building with lego. He's mearly putting things together… meh!

  32. mike z says:

    I didnt see anybody build a fuckin thing!

  33. see my problem here is getting from the a normal cruiser bike look to the chopper look frame, plus the bike is with cadan so i dont really know if it's possible to make a chopper with it?

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