6 Comments to “BSA Victor 441 starts”

  1. 420darklotus says:

    Ok, so old guy with money that bought a Brit bike and prob doesn't even know it's positive ground and clearly don't know how to 'tickle' an Amal. Stupid.

  2. inanecathode says:

    Stop rocking the throttle, there's no accelerator pump. Christ.

  3. Bruce King says:

    hello in the early seventies I raced a 44victor MX always push started as compression to high to kick start. It always started within 2-3 meters of dropping the clutch. Great bike it weighed 221 lbs approx. 75 lbs lighter than most Jap bikes made in the early seventies.

  4. Gohot229 says:

    Twisting the thrittle while not running will have no effect on an Amal carburetor, it doesn't have a accellerator pump like a car on the carb. A carb tickle will prime the motor and get the gas into position for combustion.

  5. sousap says:

    I think you should flood the carb before and no throttle at all when kicking

  6. 441rider says:

    Contender! will be contacting you soon.

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