10 Comments to “BSA THUNDERBOLT T65 1972”

  1. Timothy Lee says:

    top man.top bike, top.music.top video don't care what it is just wish it was mine.

  2. Jeff Gibson says:

    If it's got a timing side ball bearing, that makes it a Triumph.

  3. David Lynn says:

    This motorcycle is absolutely beautiful and your choice of music is perfect. Your video presentation is professional. You should be very proud of what you do.

  4. Wow what a beautiful bike, and your restoration work is incredible!

  5. Tupinambis.X says:

    Amazing patience, precision and attention to detail. Great work on this restore. Amazing bike. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is a stunning rebuild. It's an inspiration for my current rebuild. Well done Sir.

  7. Ma è un T140 triumph bonneville!!!

  8. The T65 is a rarity because of the situation of BSA in 1972
    Of course that is manufactured in Meriden and is another cause of tensions with BSA.
    Some features of the T65 were
    Front brake drum 8 inches, badges BSA alternator inspection plate and cover plate distribuicion fully polished without Patents Smiths chronometric speedo was in KMH

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