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  1. Lee Rider says:

    The model I had was a brite orange , Did BSA offer blue paint job??? (my first street bike) Wish I could find another one , here in central Arizona U.S.A. ( need not run )

  2. Howie Loso says:

    Reminds me of my 1980 250 Yamaha Exciter.

  3. I had a 1968. I rode the wheels off of it and traded it on a 1971 750 Rocket 3.

  4. I had one of these the 350 gold star was better bike a lot more power. They had an aluminium top end it made more nose than cast iron.

  5. TR25W says:

    BSA bought Triumph in 1951 and the 250 Trophy TR25W was a badge engineered Starfire. Later, there were the OIF models, Triumph TR25 & T25 & BSA Victor/Gold Stars. These were almost identical. Then, of course, the final B50's were badged as Triumph TR5MX's after the collapse of BSA.

  6. PortbyhanMan says:

    The one thing that spoils a decent bike in the UK; The huge number plate. I really fail to see the reason why they have to be so damn big! 

  7. Ray Guyon says:

    I have one of these in bits. I'm slowly getting everything ready for the re-build. Seeing this video has spurred me on – thanks.

  8. TR25W says:

    It has a TR25W primary chain cover. Also the earlier type shocks with partial shrouds. Nice bike. Must have been one of the last Starfires.

  9. chris moore says:

    Great i had one in the 80s …..why no black number plate thou loose the yellow one,to modern

  10. Yamaha SR650 says:

    If anybody's interested, google "FSSNOC" or "Four Stroke Single National Owner's Club". ANY single cylinder four stroke 2 wheeler is welcome. I was a member for a year but quit when they wouldn't provide a club roster. Generally, I think any non-1% bike club should provide one. Nice to know who might have same bike(s) for references, chatting and parts swapping/buying. Other than that, the club is okay. Just okay, though. Not much more.

  11. Yamaha SR650 says:

    Oh, yeah? I bought a '68 in '74. Wasn't quite my first bike but my first "real" one. Blue and white. Beautiful. Traded a $150 Italian 10 speed and $150 for it.

  12. Yamaha SR650 says:

    My first "real" bike was a 7 year old Starfire in '74. Traded a $150 Italian 10 speed and $150 for it.
    Sold it for $150. The years passed. Mid-80's bought a Yamaha TT500, couple years later bought another one. Abandoned both outside of Fresno (Ca) during bad times.
    Last November bought a '79 Yamaha SR500 with a Hi-Per-Kinetics 650 stroker engine. Deal included another TT500. Going full circle in a figure 8.
    I'm gonna paint the SR's tank black and in gold, paint "wannaBSA". Poor mans Gold Star.

  13. I had one about 1967, I think. Graduated to 650 Hornet to eat XLCH for breakfast. The Starfire remained in my memory as the most beautiful motorcycle. Too bad, it only top out at 87mph, despite my weight at 115lbs. At my weight, the 650 Hornet was the fastest bike in town lol.

  14. donkey2lathe says:

    memories , memories .commuting from southend to london in the 70's ,with bag to catch the bits that fell off !

  15. jocky2 says:

    Thanks for the video- your Starfire looks perfect and sounds good too. I still think it's a beautiful bike even though designed and built over 40 years ago. This was my first bike back in 1973. found the bottom end a bit weak for an over enthusiastic 17 year old so put a Triumph 3TA engine in it, was reliable after that. Many happy miles mate,

  16. dickarmy says:

    Why is your centerstand so far forward?

  17. your channel just became one of my best sources for classic bikes

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