19 Comments to “BSA Starfire 250 B25 Classic Motorcycle riding onboard”

  1. patricmaffei says:

    very fitting for an english bike…riding on the wrong side of the road…I'm from America

  2. I have a tr25w same motor I would like to restore, nice bike!

  3. I've got one of these in bits. If I can build it anywhere near as good as yours, I would be happy. Great looking bike that seems to run well,

  4. The Amp meter always used to flutter like that they all did it, they all had smiths clocks
    they were quite reliable if the cables were looked after. This rider has been riding a long time you can tell how he lines up the mild S bends before entry, this looks
    like Norfolk.

  5. Tony Curr says:

    Nice to see someone who knows how to change gear properly on a motor with (comparatively) heavy flywheels.  Great video, brilliant riding!  More please :)

  6. boc1953 says:

    I had one of these in 1969 in Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire. I'd forgotten how gutsy they sound. Great fun.

  7. glenn spicer says:

    I wish I still had mine. I bought it brand new for £275 in 1971 from Coburn and Hughes. I sold it a year later as all my mates were getting cars, and what girl wanted to sit on a bike when they could cruise around in an Anglia or ropey Mk1 Cortina.

  8. Anderzander says:

    Great video – how did you mount the camera ?

  9. yvon gariepy says:

    i have the same bike thank man for that video,,Yvon

  10. hallieboy says:

    I'm almost tearful with nostalgia! My first bike was 1969 B25. Learned to ride on it.To this day I still can't shift with my left foot.
    That sound and the view of the gauges really brought back some nice memories, right down to the wiggling ammeter needle. Thanks so much for posting this.

  11. THANKS! your video gave me the insperation to keep working on mine! im doing a top end rebuild and a possible re-wiring

  12. scunnyred says:

    really like this video, brought back some great memories.thanks

  13. amos192 says:

    I used to have one of these back in the early 80's "Wish I still had it now"

  14. nice vid,i have the triumph trw 250,same motor.nice to see the uk country lanes again.
    steve in sunny almeria spain

  15. Malcarper says:

    Wow….that sure sounds great, music to the ears, played it at full volume on my floor standing base woofers!. After owning a C15 in the 70's, I bought a starfire in the early 90's to restore. Almost 20 years later and 2 grand spent restoring, it could be on the road this year 2010! If it goes and sounds like yours, will be well pleased. I just have a single large speedo, where can the smaller? speedo/rev counter and chrome brackets be purchased?

  16. ICMcycles says:

    @ltheden Many thanks. Glad you like it :o)

  17. ltheden says:

    LOVE IT ! sounds fantastic, the music fits just right…

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