10 Comments to “BSA rocket gold star 1963 start up”

  1. Had A10 Super Rocket in 1968, about the same condition as yours, wish I still had it. Yours is a lovely bike my friend.

  2. eddietwang says:

    BEAUTIFUL! and the tank looks great.

  3. 1000sguzzi says:

    That sounds awesome, lovely bike, thanks.

  4. conan howard says:

    what a horrid fuel tank..please put the propper one on the bike

  5. That two into one exhaust sounds great!

  6. Tony Grubb says:

    Love the sound of an old brit. A10 RGS Goldies my favourite bikes. that is a beautiful example , you're a very lucky man . i am very jealous excellent

  7. ro eng says:

    That sounds the business !

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