15 Comments to “BSA rocket gold star 1963 here it running on my other video”

  1. "HERE" it run?…did you skip spelling class ?

  2. 314194 says:

    A great example of my most favorite model.  Well done.

  3. elmer kemp says:

    do you keep her in yer living room?

  4. MrGrizzly27 says:

    Enjoyed the vid, thanx 4 sharing

  5. pistooli1 says:

    Beautiful bike. Will you take 50 quid for it ?

  6. Joe Welch says:

    Is this beautiful bike for sale? Have a 1963RGSS and would like a matching street version

  7. tubeengineer says:

    Any chance of firing it up?

  8. Les Reed says:

    Pretty-looking bike – streets in front of the A50/A65 range.

  9. bassmanbun says:

    what a bloody awful video, poncing around without even letting us hear the thing being revved. why?

  10. maninshed1 says:

    Does it run? All I can hear is air!

  11. I want buy you'r motor suzuki gt250 x7 1979

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