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  1. morgan201060 says:

    @jfb17042. My father tells me that the Rocket Fender ornament was officially US only. I asked him as his UK Road Rocket has the ornament but I've never seen it on another one at any Classic Bike Shows. He told me that the orginal owner (who had it until early 1960 when my dad bought it) was given it by a friend who worked at the factory.

    @MrAndyhosie. Beautiful work on the rebuild sorry to hear what happened. Good luck finding another one.

  2. Great job, nice bike, love it.
    Wishing you a lot of fun.

  3. MrAndyhosie says:

    Every thing I will post a couple of pics

  4. Jack B says:

    @MrAndyhosie Damn, Thats a shame. I may be selling mine soon but I think the shipping would be too much to OZ. What was destroyed on the bike ?

  5. MrAndyhosie says:

    @tuco03 , hey Hazza hows it goin?

  6. MrAndyhosie says:

    @jfb17042 , thanks mate, I've only just remembered my login details as I have a few memory issues at the moment. no front fender ornament, didn't have one.
    My bike was smashed beyond repair 3 days after getting it back on the road.
    I will be posting some pics shortly.
    Would love to build another one, need to source all the parts or another bike, don't want to sell youre's do you?
    I've started collecting some parts but may take some time.

  7. Jack B says:

    Well done ! I just bought a 1954 Road Rocket. It sat in a barn and had not been run since 1963. The bike is 100% original but very piece of chrome is rusted and engine stuck from sitting.
    Where is your rocket front fender ornament ? Maybe that was a USA only option ?

  8. tuco03 says:

    Hey Hosie!! That thing is beautiful man. I'm very impressed. Good luck at the show in Oct. I'll chat with ya again when I see you at work.
    Thumbs up from Hazza.

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