7 Comments to “BSA motorcycles, 1972 and 1970 Thunderbolts”

  1. Mark Whiting says:

    Thanks man…….and it's still running great.

  2. Nick Nodule says:

    Had a 72 Thunderbolt that had done 50,000 miles and was oiltight.The oil in frame models got a lot of bad press but I love 'em. Your one is a beauty.

  3. Mark Whiting says:

    @jonnightrain Thanks, this '72 is mine from back then. The '70 my son and I got a few years ago.

  4. love that 72 mate, own 1, nearly killed me but i still own it!!!

  5. Mark Whiting says:

    The Spitfire….now that was a hot bike. What was the MK lll…a 1967?

  6. BunBrown says:

    I had a Spitfire Mk III… Sure wish I had that one back!

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