7 Comments to “BSA M23 Empire Star Motorcycle 1938 Vintage”

  1. Les Reed says:

    Just curious as to why you'd spoil the appearance by fitting an Amal Monobloc carb?

  2. james70286 says:

    THIS IS NOT AN EMPIRE STAR BUT AN M22 CLAD AS ONE. WHY FALSE PROMOTION??? At least its mentioned in your ebay listing. Nice bike but it should have been kept original! $12,500 is overindulgent…

  3. pachy444 says:

    Cases may have been found as replacements M22 cases are the same.
    The front brake lever "locking mechanism" was probably more use as a handbrake for when a sidecar was attached.

  4. Lovely bike but it's not an M23 38 Empire Star engine but a 37 M22 basic engine,#

    See the engine numbers

    Still like the bike though!

  5. Thank you! I remember my late father enthusing about the BSA Empire Star he managed to buy shortly before WW2 broke out. I never really put too much stock in many of his stories as I felt, in my youthful wisdom, that he was exaggerating! But thanks to your excellent clip, I can see that he was not. Upon his return from Nth Africa, he reclaimed the bike from his brother,( a dairy farmer who by law was unable to "join up") but had to sell it straight away to get married! Cheers – Peter, NZ.

  6. scruttles says:

    Thank you. I own a '37 B22 Empire Star (250cc) that I love – it fairly flies, and handles vey well.The brakes are, er, interesting by todays standards but it's all part of the experience and those pre war lightweights were'nt built down to a price like their later siblings. Your machine looks magnificent and I'm very grateful that you took the time to share it with us. Best wishes.

  7. ALEX ORCHIN says:

    the empire star is the bike i want more than anything in the world, to me its like a work of art no matter what angle you look it, its always perfect, how much do theses go for now?


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