17 Comments to “BSA Lightning Clubman”

  1. fastmongrel says:

    Lovely bike but that front brake on modern roads EEEEK!!! Mine is the 69 with Twin leading shoe and thats barely adquate when some moron pulls out on you whilst texting

  2. gorblimey61 says:

    My favorite A65. Gorgeous bike!

  3. notwocdivad says:

    Bit of a Hailwood fan? Aren't we all. Beaut bike, lovely sound. I WANT ONE,! Boo hoo.

  4. 828cc says:

    Pairs up nicley with our Goldie.

  5. MOGGYWW says:

    Mine snap crack and pop! lol Joints that is not my bone thank goodness!

  6. 828cc says:

    Took 5 months for me to get walking again! Coming soon is BSA Lightning, Kawasaki Z1300 and Kawasaki S2.

  7. MOGGYWW says:

    That was a very bad injury! Seemed like forever to heal. I'm glad your back in true form now! Enjoying the posts!

  8. 828cc says:

    I learnt my lesson with the Goldie 🙂

  9. MOGGYWW says:

    That was an awfully loud clunk on the shift Anth!

  10. 828cc says:

    Great bike, this one has had a ground up resto.

  11. roadrocket says:

    nice bike a friend of mine had one from new.

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