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  1. m45680 says:

    This brings back a lot of good memories. I bought mine back in 1973, in high school. The guy said it came outta the crate in (always wondered why mine had the indentations) '69 and was titled '69 from the BSA Shop. Mine did have the indentations in the gas tank, but for some reason we had to sand them down due to the vibrations. Also, the side covers would crack just from the vibration. I remember I always had problems with the oiling system on the primary. You either got too much oil or none from the primary. As far as a speedometer it didn't have one, only a tachometer. So, what I used to do was have it in 4th gear and ride beside my buddies and ask them how fast they were going and then look at my Rpm's. Quite a fast bike for back in the day. A lot of the guys would over boar the engine and end up with 441 victor pistons, but this would cause overheating issues, that's why I kept mine stock, shoulda' never sold it. Moved on and bought a new '73 750 Triumph Bonneville. Cannot remember any decals on the side covers. But mine did have the expensive flip top gas cap.

  2. Fuel tank has pot metal chrome flip up cap(le mans style) 67 -68 hornet/firebird. His decal is from 64/65 spitfire hornet( which had aluminum alloy cap) Mid year 66 BSA started frame /motor number matching.66 Hornet tanks had a recess on the side for the decals to sit in, not done on 67 hornets or firebirds. Just some of the differences

  3. had to ditch a cop once on one of these.  I was hauling down El Monte, Los Altos, and a cop saw me. I went as fast as I could through Foothill Jr college.  You had to be there. And off into the hills.

  4. Chuck Cole says:

    Check the numbers! This looks like a '66 Hornet, according to the tank decal and Mandarin Orange paint! If the frame and engine numbers are A65H——-, it is a 1966 model. A65HA——- would indicate a 1967 model. I own a 1967 model. The engine number is A65HA14111-Y, the frame number is A65HA14111. I have no idea what the -Y means. Original '67 Hornet color is Cherokee Red.

  5. I had one Hornet in 1968 It was almost exactly same as Spitfire except for raised pipes, with mufflers, and same thread pattern front Dunlop rubber as rear, and 2 gallons fiberglass tank. At my weight of only 115lbs, it was the fastest bike in town, yet I could put it on center stand with just three fingers. High schools kids on Yamaha250 would marvel at my feat. They didn't know that all I had to do was lift and press with my foot. lol

  6. mrstupid says:

    Take a look at my 67 Spitfire

  7. thebruce1313 says:

    yeah once he (finally) gets it finished al get some good footage on!!!!

  8. oils1976 says:

    please…post another video sometime soon, this bike desrves to be seen & heard – i love it!!Congratulate your brother on such a fine resto of such a fine BSA! Cheers.

  9. thebruce1313 says:

    Need to apologise for the video quality, I filmed on my phone! Will get a better quality vid on ASAP. Cheers

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