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  1. Timothy Lee says:

    a m c man at hart but must admit my super rocket was reliable bike and my a50r is a nice mid rang 500cc but like my matchy csr

  2. bigmurr725 says:

    Why does every one think we want to hear the crap noise you like .

  3. 24dejan says:

    i like it but no years, no model name, no cc's

  4. Thatmaninrio says:

    Had to mute it, but great images !!

  5. yeah1004yeah says:

    What song is the second one from 3:15 ?

  6. Gary Smythe says:

    How about listing year, model and cc's

  7. MagpieJack says:

    Love the bikes and the music. Thanks Lewis

  8. Je n'ai pas grand chose à dire, juste que c'est de la belle machine. Il y a de quoi en faire une passion.

  9. This is fun:..uhh….Battle Ship Agamemnon….Been Stolen Again….Bitch Slapped Arse
    ….Bull Shit Apocalypse…..
    Always were rare in Canada…still plentiful and cheap in UK?…any one?

  10. Jez Atkinson says:

    Triumph and BSA collectively went out of business due to out of touch, short sighted and greedy top management. They simply didn't reinvest till it was far too late, and when they did they panicked and simply chucked money at it. They didn't ever properly reinvest in up to date manufacturing machinery.
    Triumph now is an entirely different company. John Bloor bought the name and started from scratch

  11. You Named it so well. I had most of the BSA range at one time or another Simply Loved the rear axle Plungers, swinging arm suspension was a step backwards

  12. Rich X says:

    The Silver BSA Bobber was mine… lived in my conservatory!
    I miss it… bugger to ride- but looked lovely- as you can see!

  13. Here is what Wikipedia has published about the company: "At its peak, BSA was the largest motorcycle producer in the world. Loss of sales and poor investments in new products in the motorcycle division, which included Triumph Motorcycles, led to problems for the whole group." I imagine that higher labour costs contributed as well to the company's loss of market share. But how big a cut in wages were British workers expected to take in order to compete with very cheap labour in Asia?

  14. parktow says:

    They used to say … the British invent it, the US develop it, the Japanese exploit it and the French object to it. That was before the UK trashed it's industrial and manufacturing base, slung in with Europe and became a land of Bankers (cockney rhyming implied). Not sure how the saying might go now, but the Chinese need to figure, and the British role is now to make history documentaries about what a great nation we used to be.

  15. Gary Edlund says:

    I had a 1955 single in the 60" s with chrome tank,I painted it Harley candy apple red, Any bezer fans ever run across it ? please reply.

  16. more like BASTARDS STOPPED AGAIN!! 😀

  17. Thanks for adding that information; I wasn't aware that the companies were linked.

  18. x95lee says:

    Triumph was a BSA brand in the early 50s. When BSA went tits-up, Triumph continued growing into the global brand it is today. BSA's history's quite interesting.

  19. tony knight says:

    In the early to mid 60's when Honda first appeared in UK, they only made small bikes. With a size limit of 250cc for a learner motorcyclist, the Honda gained big ground. The British manufacturers didn't worry at that time, because they thought the kids would pass their test on a 250 and go straight to a bigger bike, i.e., a British bike.
    Then Honda came out with the 440 cc Black Bomber, that literally put the fear or God into the British motorcycle industry.

  20. As PettersModelIM suggested below falling behind in development may have been as much or more the cause than simply an inability to compete with lower wages elsewhere. Fiat appears to be doing well and, infact, has purchased a major portion of Chrysler in the U.S. German manufacturing remains strong and at the cutting edge.

  21. N9155E says:

    Interesting question: I would talk about a final collapse of virtually the entire UK industry (cars, bikes, steel, machine tools, aeroplanes, trucks, locomotives, shipbuilding and many more)

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  23. wahyu luluk says:

    nice nice, I have a M20 .. 48 350cc scrap metal greetings from the city of Jogja, maybe one day we can discuss about BSA motorcycles .. please stop by if you are touring our city

  24. fruithero says:

    @martyman5000 Thats so cool, my mother and I are going to try to get her bike back from an old friend and restore it (I will :P) It is a b33 from 1954.

    Could anybody tell me what the bike at 1:37 is?

  25. @MrBowsmith: Thanks for offering this insight.

  26. @aarfeld Hi there, they certainly did. The whole British motorcycle industry left re-tooling with modern machinery much too late. Engine and gearbox cases being sand-cast, with the consequential time spent on hand polishing, would be just one practice that pushed up the price. Plus they lacked glamour against the Japanese offerings. We were seduced by the bells and whistles and shiny chrome

  27. john smith says:

    BSA, like a lot of UK industry during 60s/70s, went out of business because they were populated by arrogant, pompous, ignorant and stupid aristocrats and managers only concerned with their own little empires instead of the big picture.

  28. talbotvanman says:

    At last Ive seen a machine like my 1947 350cc B32! At 1.44 is the sport version
    of the B31 only my speedo was mounted internally in the petrol tank and that
    lethal front number plate was mounted crossways under the headlamp. I used
    to trials ride the bike in the early 1950s but rode the bike to and from events
    without the luxury of a car and trailer !!

  29. @RogThomas1: Thanks for the tip, Rog, I'll look for that title.

  30. mike andrews says:

    B S A stands for BLOODY SORE ARSE

  31. Lee Fury says:

    After thought…. no BSA inline 4's!!! Me mum's father had a BSA inline 4 with a side car just before WW2 broke out. Ugly bike but wished I had it now. Would have made one whale of cutsom!

  32. Lee Fury says:

    All my high school pals were buying Triumph TT's while I bucked the crowd and got the most beautiful production bike I've ever owned, the '69 BSA Lightning. I couldn't keep up with the TT's until one day I pulled off those 200 lbs mufflers and let the engine breath! WOW what a difference. They never ran aways from again.

    Love this vid, the only thing to make it better would be to add model and year number.

  33. 1944woodie says:

    @PettersModelM BSA went bankrupt as accountants decided spares were an unacceptable overhead and customers were unimportant. BSA spares delivery took 6 months plus Honda 24hours. BSA in 1960 was a 1940 machine Honda was innovative with a 4 cylinder machine (crappy tyres). I loved the BSA and the sound – but!

  34. @PettersModelM: What a shame; they were lovely bikes. I remember seeing them on the road occasionally back in the '60s and early '70s when I was a kid. They were imported here into the U.S. and had a certain devoted following–like Triumph.

  35. @aarfeld BSA went bankrupt i believe because they sunk a lot of money into building another factory, and did not spend enough money developing bikes that they currently had in production.

  36. What caused BSA to lose ground and end up in bankruptcy? Did the Japanese bikes end up winning over consumers in the UK as they succeeded in doing in the US and elsewhere?

  37. uuyumil says:

    uhuh super Bike uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh

  38. What's the point of this shit music, or any music on here?

  39. jeg559 says:

    Whats wrong with being old and still riding, those guys will teach you a lot. When I get older Im gonna still ride

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