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  1. Yang Yang says:

    The greatest cafe racer along side the Manx, International and the customized dominators ,my mates had 500cc DB34 and 350cc DB 32 and when throttling off they'd give off a whistling sound
    We never figured out what caused it ,, tappets , silencer,, exhaust design ,,,,, anybody know the answer ???

  2. I just watched a TV show where a couple Brits took a beautiful Gold Star and cut it up and made an ugly Steam Punk piece of junk. Show is called Naked Speed here in the States. 

  3. buggly100 says:

    I had two ,the first was 338 PTN sold in 1970 the second was 843 CCG both were 1961 DBD34 GS sold the last one to buy a house in 1978 ,I would love to know where they are .!

  4. canvids1 says:

    great video of the Gold stars. I didn't own one but got to ride one a few times back in the early 60's all so the Gold Flash the big twin got to ride that too.
    Thats when they made real motorcycles from Britain. Oh well I am in my 70s now and all I have is great memories.

  5. notwocdivad says:

    My neighbours complained to the local bobby about me blipping the throttle all the time. He was going to give me a right bollocking until I demonstrated WHY I had to blip the throttle. No more trouble, He was one of the good ones

  6. diecast jam says:

    that must break your heart, I think my ald man must be about the only person I know who didn't do that. He used to race small single cylinder Ducati's in the late 60's and early 70's, he bought a couple of crates of stuff, which contained the parts to make up a 1961 175, road bike, and a 125 formula III production racer, he raced both of them at diffrent times, but managed to keep hold of them both and has just recently sold them (he's in his 80's and only rides he 250 honda scooter now).

  7. conan howard says:

    I am in heaven , fekin wonderfull

  8. MyLemonking says:

    awesome bikes great video love the sound of these bikes.

  9. Mick Hurst says:

    The bloke moaning about wearing a full face on a classic bike wants to try kissing the Tarmac after coming off a bike, tell you what dick head, it makes a mess of you're face. What a stupid comment. Idiot.

  10. Ralph Swartz says:

    Who's the IDIOT wearing the Honda jacket??

  11. bigrider2806 says:

    i bought my gold star in 1979 from a vets practise for 50 quid , 300 miles on the clock with a front end smash , repaired the damage and it was like new . then found out that the previous owner had killed himself on it , hence the damage . sold it that day . regretted it ever since but could not ride a dead mans bike .

  12. DBD34GS says:

    This had me close to tears. I sold my 1960 DBD34GS around 1968 .Reg 605 CAL, lost all my photos, now just a memory. If I could own any bike I wanted, it would be another mint DBD34GS.

  13. caebryn2000 says:

    first kick , summer or winter ,, every time , Hayden

  14. caebryn2000 says:

    Hey I was from North Wales Now Bundaberg Aussia , My bike rego was YWA 572 ,, anyone know if it is still alive Hayden

  15. lawrencetu says:

    Outstanding line up of well preserved Goldies. Don't ever sell yours lads, I did to get married back in 73, I still dream of that bike. Anybody know where it is, LNT 28, DBD34 GS3516, numbers etched in my brain.

  16. Ali Whitwell says:

    Such great memories of my neighbour's Goldie. I'd love to own one today!

  17. Whiter00m says:

    personally – pure heaven,.
    riding a dbd34, cr box and swept back, ranks alongside my first "feel" as the subliminal moments from my youth.

  18. Whiter00m says:

    @jordangiddings — ffs who looks at the mantlepiece when your stoking the fire?

  19. JGMagoo says:

    @jamsidedown59 From my experience owning a Gold Star back in 1958, the starting-up procedure was not generally a very pretty sight. Mine was a bitch to start!!

  20. Pete Scott says:

    @jamsidedown59 Cheers John.Yeah it was a great sight, nearly missed them myself until i heard that fantastic sound.

  21. Hi, Great line up, missed them starting up, pitty. Thanks for posting. All the best, John.

  22. 441rider says:

    Wow, that is quite the GS herd. Hope the Honda jacket guy was not jinxed, asking for it with that gear. LOL!

  23. pulse0000 says:

    A lot of cool looking old school bikes,they sound sweet.Thanks!

  24. They all look perfect. Sound that way too.

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