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  1. @raiyanrugger not all Goldstar 500cc came with a 190mm drum, not a 191mm. Most of the street and some clubman 500cc came with a 8" brake.

  2. PeterDad60 says:

    Nice motorcycle, really nice. Think I'll go race my Indian Sarangi now )-:

  3. Exactly HOW tall is the first gear?…i.e., at what speed do you grab & grope second?

  4. Not really speeding that's ticking over.

  5. Ian Fluker says:

    Nice looking and sounding Goldie … liked the vid..

  6. He managed to get it onto 3rd gear!

  7. raiyanrugger says:

    Well besides the clip on handle bars, it's a 350 in clubman trim. When the 350 comes on cam, it sounds very different from the 500. This is definitely the sound of a 350.

  8. it my have been changed?certainly looks and sounds like the 500 🙂

  9. raiyanrugger says:

    thats not a DBD34. its a 350. Look at the front break. Its not the 191mm.

  10. din9605 says:

    when u ride, dont hesistate to put helmet on your head…because our head like an watermelon..

  11. huh….. they have better roads than New Zealand….

  12. Harish Sahas says:

    he came second in the race….. ok…. but how many people participated in the race……. well….TWO …..lols…..

  13. hi i am neeraj here from delhi guy who owns this gold star what is his cell number.

  14. Blurredman says:

    @twangalot2 Indeed, but the lack of inovation from the British makers (goes for cars too) lost the audience. But I would have bought one over a Jap anyday!

  15. Whiter00m says:

    @twangalot2 — Because it was BETTER you "£$^%*.

  16. wandoX says:

    that guy is having to much fun i don't like that.

  17. jucamo007 says:

    @spg5812 HAHAHAHA….YOURE RIGHT!…

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