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  1. lex marky says:

    "Golden Flash". Best name ever.

  2. Crobular I says:

    I had one and then a Road Rocket (tuned flash). Main bearings went on the Rocket. Father in law had a Flash with a Canterbury D/A chair on it. New from Pankhursts of Salisbury where I bought a Connie. Bottom end went on that too !. Went back to a T110. Great. Had lots of bikes. Wish I had them now. Halcyon days. ACE Cafe, remember.

  3. what an amazing exhaust sound!

  4. Beautiful machine, indeed. Good sounding as most of British twins from that area.
    Thanks for posting this video.

  5. John Dean says:

    I've had a few of these and I think a comfortable cruising speed is about 50mph, they feel thrashed at 70mph and if you are doing over 80 you are very lucky. They look good though and a great sound but awful suspension and brakes
    .Superbly presented video it captures the feel of the bike they were certainly solid and reliable.

  6. Rahul Atul says:

    By the way is there a website or face book page on Don ?

  7. Rahul Atul says:

    The way you handle yourself with the golden flash is mesmerising your video is one reason & only as why I have earned a golden flash for me….

  8. Morgan Wasem says:

    the one thing you didn't mention is the extremely dodgy brakes which will get you killed gentelmam or not. I can say this because I owned one 😎

  9. John Smith says:

    It would no doubt handle better with a decent back tyre…

  10. conan howard says:

    ahhhh those were the days , polio ,smallpox ,fear of the atom bomb ,no central heating ,every thing was cold and grey. 2 tv channels, a bath once a week , bad teeth, crap wages ,and crap cars and bikes.. at 68 years of age I think today is great and would never want to go back to those shitty times. god bless modern technology.

  11. Stephan Eder says:

    A real Gentleman rides a great classic bike 👍🏻

  12. Outstanding video, very informative, great presentation of a classic British Twin!

  13. bluesharp59 says:

    Very nice bike and also a cool video.

  14. Carl Napp says:

    It's a most lovely video. Nice sounding motorcycle, I'd like to have one.
    But nonetheless I think that the constabulary would be very "glad" to see this
    rear tyre.

  15. i used to own  a bsa golden fleece back in the 1940s

  16. RAY KELLY says:

    My Father owned/rode Gold Flash 650cc Twin (plunger frame) OLV620 Touring UK and Europe_Fitted out with Faring / Front rear crash bars / Twin panniers / Rev counter / Two Lucas Spotlights / Extra Brake Lights plus front/rear direction indicators (Flashers) Custom built Twin leading shoe brakes (needed to stop it ! extremely heavy ! carrying full camping kit) ! All modifications wear done by himself (Motor Mechanic) Love his Beezer !

  17. These were very good bikes the pre-unit gearboxes were easy to remove, they are old
    technology now but in their day they were top dog, they handled well and where easy to
    ride, the later unit engines could still be striped with the gearbox in situ you could split
    the crank  cases without removing the box, BSA were one of the better british bikes. And yes they would do over a ton on a good day. In fact some BSA 500's
    could reach 110. and the 350's over 90. Today this bike would be the best purchase you could make if buying a classic, but you must buy a none molested
    example. I think as time went on the quality went down, the paint  and chrome on these was buy far superior to the later ones, but there again the same could be said for sowing machines. These bikes were best suited for 70 mph crusing and
    riding the country lanes at low speed on a sunny summer day, nothing like them for that, and power to climb a steep hill if you needed it. I often used to take my
    BSA''s for long runs in the Essex and Suffolk countryside in the 70's. Some times
    on 16 hour trips.

  18. Neil Ives says:

    This is one of the best BSA A10 videos on YouTube. I have a 1955 plunger A10 Golden Flash and I can vouch for what Don says about the bike

  19. Hector Huff says:

    I've just changed to a thick flanged cylinder block after the thin one disintegrated.  

  20. Vasant Kamal says:

    i have bought a BSA A10 just seeing this clip "mr don i love you saying one of the best twns of its time"

  21. hoxtonmoto says:

    Thanks for spotting year error. I've checked with Don, the BSA was registered in 56'. Have made amends to text.
    Thanks, Hoxtonmoto

  22. ro eng says:

    thanks for uploading this vid. the a10 in this videos isn't 1960's though , its 1956-57.

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