16 Comments to “BSA Gold Star SE **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD”

  1. kempouk says:

    just picked this up from the airgun centre in Raleigh
    BSA Goldstar SE Air Rifle from The AirGun Centre
    now I have this and the hw 100 can't wait to run some tests
    ps I bought another hw100 silencer and it makes the bsa even quieter than the 100.
    Sunday I'm going to run accuracy tests with the stripper and the silencer.
    should be interesting.
    I'll put a vid up of the goldstar v the hw100.
    watch this space.
    ps he is right this gun is nicer than my wife.

  2. steve dental says:

    There's no such thing as a assault rifle . The different types of rifles are bolt-action, lever-action ,pump-action, semi- auto and fully- auto . Guns don't assault only people do .

  3. beautiful air rifle.how can i get some of that.how much is that?

  4. Gareth Parry says:

    another top review!!!!!!!!

  5. Brett Todd says:

    Just picked one of these up… your review is spot on, especially about the stock adjuster points… it's not fun raking so close to your new stock with metal hex keys!

  6. John Rudman says:

    Good review I just purchased the bsa scorpion rs platinum have you done a review on this gun yet as it's between the gold star and scorpion I have only fired about 30 shots out of it at the moment can't wait to try it on squarels and rabbits but I am very impressed with it

  7. 616Haggard says:

    What were those gold shavings/dust on the magazine at around 6:20? Looks like some brass bit has been getting chewed up and filed away by something..

  8. bugsy742 says:

    Thanks for the reply dude : )

  9. bugsy742 says:

    Will you be posting any videos on its shooting performance at all mate? Thanks for the review, I like the rifle a lot and will be trading my airwolf against one but I CAN'T find any results of its ability ANY WHERE and that concerns me!
    Thanks in advance 

  10. Spot on review …. great gun but I never spotted the lack of grip on the stock. Nice one!! ( the walnut does its just the laminates which are lacking )..

  11. J79 hunter says:

    how come that sounds so quiet when your firing it ?

  12. HarryWebb46 says:

    The manual is SUPPOSED to be retro! Love it and good review. 

  13. lns41 says:

    Nice review mate, must say I am liking the gold star…tempted to buy one.

  14. hunter100t says:

    Good review Rack, "some people will be vomiting" had to laugh at that, good for FT or HFT I reckon, I would not take it hunting ( the red white and blue one ) but the blinged up version would be good to show off at events.
    When you showed us a through view of the stripper, did I see the end of a adjustment screw sticking out into the pathway of the pellet ?
    atb phil

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