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  1. I guess the power characteristics of bikes differ, but my '58 DBD34 is really cammy. It comes on very strong after about 5000 rpm, and doesn't really like sub 4000 rpm at all. I don't notice the low end grunt that some folks comment on here. I am the second owner, and still haven't gone through the engine and gearbox, as it runs well as is. Perhaps this next winter I will dig into it and figure out what cams are in it, etc.

  2. Pity the wrong silencer, did not hear the Goldie whistle on overrun

  3. Jim David says:

    those Goldie's sound great. A bit like my old
    BSA B44SS [ when ever I could get it started
    which wasn't very often) !

  4. aeroearth says:

    Yes!!!!! Notice after a couple of gear changes how fast the scenery is passing by? Should be good for 115 mph (185 KPH) when well ssorted. Not bad for a 1956 road going machine with lights etc. There's just something special about a Goldie……..

  5. 4418CARLOU says:


  6. Yang Yang says:

    wonderful ,,, DB 34 ,, throttling off gave out a whistle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, anybody what caused that ???

  7. Chuck Lane says:

    Derek:  Bragging about beating a 500cc Gold Star, probably not running the twin intake cam race setup, with 1000cc, 750cc, and 650cc bikes, all newer than the Goldie?  Give me a break!  I know talk is cheap, but I never had any trouble keeping up with, and often beating, 650 and 750 twins with my own DBD34, especially on shorter tracks, where top speed wasn't the decider. In fact, any decent Gold Star with a good rider will out-pull any big twin through first, second and most of third gear.

  8. Exactly HOW tall is the first gear?…i.e., at what speed do you grab & grope second?

  9. Michael Gray says:

    Had one in 1960 great bike great fun enjoyed ❤️

  10. Never thought much of the Goldie as a Café Racer.  In the early 1960's I used to leave the Ace Café on The North Circular Road with a few mates, on  BSA Super Rockets, Nortons and my T110 and various other bikes on a burn-up to The Busy Bee on The Watford By-Pass, usually about 30 of us,  and the Goldie would never be the first there.  Vincents first then T110's, Rockets and Dommies then the Goldie would get there a couple of minutes later!

  11. bossco09 says:

     I was distracted by the slide in the carb going up and down!!!…………:):):)

  12. Dave Snelson says:

    I just love the rrrrrrrr sound of the exhaust on the overrun. Just brilliant.

  13. rhdmgman says:

    I'd love a Goldie.  Maybe I should sell the rest of the shed and buy one.

  14. rhdmgman says:

    Nice bike, but too bad we had to look at your butt the whole time.

  15. Lee B says:

    I was never a Goldie fan the Manx was more my cup of tea the feather bed made it handle better and it was just more reliable. Even my old Matchbox CSR had more tickle  but the Goldie did turn into a nice Cafe racer 

  16. oldcaferacer says:

    Just a legend cafe racers rule good old goldstar

  17. Del Frazer says:

    Whilst the sound is nice, it just does not compare to the original exhaust note and the famed "Goldie Twitter" .  Otherwise a nice example of the marque.

  18. just great dbd34gs my dream,never got one,got t140, triton t120, norton atlas, A7 ,shoting star never be able to found or afford a dbd 34gs, but how nose i still got place in to the work shop 

  19. Les Reed says:

    Nice vid – but what's that abomination on the end of the downpipe?

  20. Whatta great film….BSA was mandated to provide 'working class transportation' ..
    ..and no-one can belt out Easy Livin' in Karaoke like me….but, okay….send the bike to Canada, we'll accept it. thx in advance.

  21. N9155E says:

    Sounds like Godzilla raisin from Tokyo Bay.

  22. If I covet anything in this world, it's a GOLDSTAR! If yours ever comes up missing, alert the cops to my location. BTW, very fartsy-artsy the camera placement. Good thing ya removed the air clnr. (PLEASE don't tell me that you cruise about w/out one?!)

  23. One can see why the 750 four was the success it was.

  24. Ali Whitwell says:

    My friend had one very similar to yours around 1970 maybe. I had a 500cc Norton ES2 at the time but so wanted a Gold Star with a close ratio box! 🙂

  25. ijzerable says:

    very niche video! thank you for sharing.

  26. Mattius916 says:

    So jealous! I'll never ever get rid of my 916 but I love Brit metal like this! She is beautiful!

  27. notwocdivad says:

    Agree with 1400driver, novel camera position watching the big GP working, I imagine thr Goldie (or the Velo Thruxton) are the only bikes you could do that with, I kept thinking the camera was going to disappear up the inlet. Cheers, Dave

  28. Thanks for the 10 000 views guys! Next video of the BSA Gold Star should be ready in 2 months, after winter.

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