10 Comments to “BSA Factory Tour Part 3”

  1. Richard Mann says:

    they dont show the puddle of oil under these bikes .Still miss my norton commandos…

  2. Richard Mann says:

    they should call this video "how to fail in business" did soichiro honda show this to his workers at break time for a laugh?

  3. Wish I could go back and pick out a new one!!!

  4. silver760 says:

    It still makes my blood boil that the UK government,in it's usual short sightedness,did little or nothing to assist UK industry,especially the motorcycle industry.These businesses should have been invested in and import restriction implemented to prevent the UK market being flooded with cheap imports.The designs themselves did require serious updating and improvement to keep them current,but that is hardly an impossible task to achieve.These companies had much going for them,but they were dumped

  5. a have motrocy bsa model 1956 for salee

  6. tony knight says:

    I'll never forget the day I collected my brand new A10 SR from H&L Motors in Evesham. The proudest day of my life. The only bikes I've ever owned that were not Beezers were an AJS 650 CSR and my current ride, a 1975 Triumph T140v.

  7. joshma8 says:

    helmets were not compulsory until 1973

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