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  1. What happened was the Japanese came along…………12v electrics,electric start,wing mirrors ,indicators,superb reliability, no oil leaks, rev meters, disc brakes. And then there is the BSA C15. which would you buy to take you work.

  2. Bob Murphy says:

    Wonder what the BSA's would be like if they still built them today.

  3. ian goulding says:

    great to see this. my grandad was a test rider and my dad worked in the factory

  4. conhawks says:

    cant someone load a real decent print of this, regards

  5. BSA should have been the one motorcycle company that survived the demise of our industry, it was carved up, asset stripped & sold off. It had the space & equipment to produce both Norton's & Triumph's too, No-one has ever got down to the reason it was destroyed so quickly & the plants demolished for housing and small scale development. Now unskilled jobs & semi-skilled jobs, replace skilled jobs & trades so a lot of peoples wages have fallen & there lives are more impoverished!

  6. webonnielad says:

    You could imagine what the modern Health and Safety Executive would have to say about the working practices…..lol

  7. mukuru2011 says:

    in the early sixties I went on a tour of the factory together with a group of dealers from the USA (I managed the BSA dealership in Kenya at that time) At the end of the tour they expressed their amazement at the high quality of product that came out of such an archaic plant.

  8. conhawks says:

    can't some one upload a better print of this, with better definition

  9. karl Tempest says:

    Crying shame..the area now is covered in units and mosques,very sad to see the once greta site,biggest in the world at the time?? Now well we all know what has happened to industry in this country..

  10. Bet the sports ground's been built on!

  11. conhawks says:

    i remember driving past the factory on my bsa starfire and they were just starting to demolish it.my father inlaw work there for a short in the chroming department

  12. I was only 10 years old when this film was shot. I lived near this factory. My uncle Leonard worked there. I toured the plant on a school trip, and went on to work there as a telephone engineer not long before the old place was closed down and subsequently demolished. Had a meal of curried chicken and rice in the canteen on one of my last visits there, and discovered the remains of a fried cockroach lurking in the rice!

  13. turboslag says:

    Hands up who'd be happy to go back to that time ?!

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