21 Comments to “BSA C15 Restoration from start to finish”

  1. Lesley Moore says:

    a stunning bike, my hubby has a 1964 BSA C15 which is losing oil – did this model have any engine modifications, any help or drawings would be very much appreciated, thanks

  2. Hi mate! Is this still on?

    "If you send me your e-mail address I can send you all the exploded view drawings with part numbers on and you will find it there."

    I would apreciate very much 🙂


  3. jiggermast says:

    Lovely restoration my friend. It's a real credit to you! They're a great bike. I've a 1963 C15.P, ex Glamorgan constabulary that I've been meaning to restore to police spec for simply ages, but can't find a Cosser 108 radio!

  4. Frank Bowron says:

    Great job! Reminds me of rebuilding my C15 SS80 engine after it broke a piston ring. A piece of ring jammed in the oil pump and the engine seized solid. That was in 1966 but it all looks so familiar.

  5. Allan Condon says:

    Im just after getting my hands on a C15 in 'alright condition' its my first bike restro and i would greatly appreciate a copy of those drawings if you still have them? my email is allancondon@gmail.com..great job by the way!

  6. cb400 says:

    yoy motivated me to start on my 1960 c15 🙂 thenks . but mine is a piece of junt compared tou this one when before you done it up !

  7. Just starting the restoration of a 1959 C15 – Great Video 🙂

  8. Hey man great work congrats , i am raj from india even i got one c15 which recently we had down the engine because of crank pin problem , i am not able to find the crank pin can u suggest wer to get one or the design to remake in india if possible . thanks

  9. wonderfulcat says:

    Must get my C15 running again! I fancy sticking a sidecar on it, painting it red and pretending it's Wallice and Grommits combination.

  10. mbBSAC15 says:

    Thanks for the comments. If you send me your e-mail address I can send you all the exploded view drawings with part numbers on and you will find it there. It covers most of the models. Very handy set of drawings.Thanks for the comments.

  11. Cory4474 says:

    wow just wow. can i put it on on kikker 5150 frame?

  12. staffordlad1 says:

    @colombolassy1 if you don't know Autocycle or Vale Onslo in the midlands(Birmingham area) please have a look.

  13. staffordlad1 says:

    @conhawks please do,and have fun.

  14. staffordlad1 says:

    What a wicked video mate,my first resto was when I was young and it was a ceefer 250 from 1963,the reg plate was in good trim too A U K 637 (if my memory serves me)then I part exchanged it for a Triumph 250 Trophy (enduro trim)…again great vid ar' kid.

  15. conhawks says:

    very nice restoration, i'm restoring a b441 shooting from 1970, half way there, this gives me inspiration to carry on, your c15 sounds sweet!! regards.

  16. Hi,
    i also hv BSA c15, but i dnt have dat tank badge. i am form sri lanka, i cant found that dat badge.. please try to help me for find dat badge.

  17. mbBSAC15 says:

    I will endeavour to try and put a video up soon without a soundtrack. I know how you feel about the sound! Its a shame when a good video is ruined by music. Thanks for the comment though, it makes it even more worth while.

  18. canicant says:

    As good as the Corrs look and sound… it would have been really nice just to soak up the sound of your lovely 250 Brit beezer
    It made me feel like a teenager again, Thanks for putting it up.

  19. buffyporson1 says:

    Nice job. Looked pretty good before though.

  20. terence20001 says:

    Great job . Love the paintwork

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