7 Comments to “BSA C12”

  1. Les Reed says:

    Pretty enough bike – and a considerable improvement on the C10!

  2. robinaxeman says:

    My first bike,1958 C12.Rode it from London to Scotland after a couple of months as a learner.

  3. Graham Jones says:

    Lovely bike great condition,ive just finished a c15 my next project will be a c12.
    Nice one.

  4. Lee B says:

    My second bike was a C12 it may be the video but the maroon looks a tad lighter than my old beast however its probably my memory after all it was over 40 years ago still love the sound of the Burgess straight silencers nice restro job Simon battery could do with blacking

  5. DjTritium says:

    BSA C 12 colour is: maroon (brown-red)

  6. garden929 says:

    what colour is that on the tank? would look great on my norbsa.

  7. Great video, beautiful bike. I am in the market for one of these so if you want to sell, get in touch.

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