1. garden929 says:

    what colour have you used for the tear drop on the tank? the chrome on my c11 tank and i'm looking for that type of colour to re do it.

  2. cruisinrhop says:

    Hi there the paint i used is celulose the code for the paint is ALC-0740 BEIGE T130.
    250ML is more than enough, i got the tank and every piece of tin ware sand blasted and zinc primer powder coated…thanks for the intrest.

  3. notwocdivad says:

    Hi, Nice job, I had one just like it (unfortunately mine was the same as the "before" photo) Brought back great memories of 1966 when I had mine £4 17,6p a year insurance those were the days. Is the Bantam yours too? Whats next C12, C15, ss80. keep them rollin and Keep on Rocking Regards Dave 

  4. Danny Mills says:

    is this bike still in your hands? I'm in Spain and have one just like it that I want to have restored.
    what is it worth after a total restoration like this one?

  5. cruisinrhop says:

    Hi Danny,yes i still own this bike,the restoration is a real easy job as these old bikes where built really simple,all you need to find is a good sand blaster powder coater, and a chromer,every piece of metal on this bike has been blasted and zinc primer powder coated before being painted it will last for ever now.i was offered £3000,00 last year for it.as to what it's worth is what some ones willing to pay for it.really it's a labour of love rather than the money for me.
    make sure you take plenty of photos  when you do yours and post on here for us all to see,good luck with it.

  6. James Miller says:

    Hi, nice restoration – lovely.  I'm restoring one at the moment, although not quite as professionally as yours.  Where did you get the two ribbons of chrome that run down the centre of the tank?  I haven't been able to find them.

  7. Tony E Biker says:

    Excellent restoration, much respect….

  8. You truly get the top marks on this video man!!!! Great to watch thanks!!!!

  9. Hi can i ask where you got your battery carrier from with the chromed strap? many thanks. Paul

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