1. nickjaxe says:

    It look very cute…I want one.

  2. Strange beauty of this bike.. all steel, nothing extraneous ,lovely geometry and balance.

  3. skyout19 says:

    I had a 1952 BSA Bantam 125cc that I bought for 12 Rand (at that time
    about 3 £) from a teacher in 1972 in South Africa. We pushed it home,
    cleaned the spark plug and the points, set the timing, then with a
    little petrol in the tank, pushed it round the garden – peng! peng!
    peng! . . . . We rode it round for a couple of months then stripped it
    down an rechromed and repainted it. Rode it daily for 4 years during
    university, then 500km up to Johannesburg, and again daily for 2 years
    to work before I left SA. It was so reliable! What memories ! ! !

  4. Andrew Pandy says:

    Where did you get the bags from on the back of the bantam as I am looking for some

  5. TheRedmist86 says:

    beautiful bike…il not lie and say i was concerned how you rode her but after watching you, you clearly know what to do on what mush be by now a rather fragile piece. I say that cos im criticized over my low speed handling too lol! what i would not give to have leg protectors on my bike…damn beautiful BSA

  6. hardly like you tested it .. 4 k revs

    took me amin to work out if its was a n old fecker on a 4 strk or a timid fecker on a 2 stroke

    shame on you….. you know what i mean !

  7. I'm nearly 17 and I'm planning on ditching my beloved moped and getting a bigger 125cc bike. I'm thinking about getting a bantam but I am torn between getting a nice classic bantam, or getting a new practical bike e.g. Honda CG 125, and was just wondering, how practical of a bike would a bantam to use regularly, to get to friends houses or just get around on etc? I am worried about losing the practical side of things I have had with my 4 stroke moped.

  8. does the plunger rear suspension make a diference ride quality wise to a non plunger bantam?

  9. fjbh101 says:

    got a D1, i'm tuning it for racing, weight reduction,rear set foot pegs e.t.c maybe even get fairings eventually

  10. Andy Jackson says:

    i use my bantam everyday for work, just like they where ment to be used !

  11. James Mercer says:

    Great stuff…..I ride a 1967 D7 with the pudding basin helmet and goggles//It certainly makes people laugh if nought else//Keep on rocking mate//Lovely bike//

  12. britbiker100 says:

    I am 6ft 3 and have rode bantams with no problem at all, just make sure you get one thats in good order.

  13. mark farley says:

    hi i really would love one of those bikes they look very vintage , i only want to go through a cbt training course so i can have one , im 6ft tall can someone tell me if im too big for this bike?? as i have not seen one of these in the flesh so to speak thanks

  14. Hi. Any idea of what i should expect to pay for a 1951 restored D1 Bantam?

  15. britbiker100 says:

    125cc fitted with d3 150cc engine

  16. britbiker100 says:

    your right about the pudding bowl…and perhaps a good set of goggles and an oil skin mac to boot….! the guy in the house across the road was a post office telegraph boy who road bantams for a good few years…and he often pops round to view the bike and chin wag about his times with post office!

  17. greaserleo says:

    nice bike, engine sounds great. Shame about wearing all the 'right gear', pudding bowl all the way!

  18. britbiker100 says:

    thank you for your kind comments, your Moto Guzzi Cardellino 65cc must be a rare machine i have never seen one..they look very nice, and your right about space i have to sell to create room and some needed cash for my new purchase…cheers andy!

  19. Lovel, Lovely, Lovely.

    What a nice little bike and a really good demo. Thanks for not looking like a chav in shorts and T-shirt and for wearing all the right gear, even when you were going no further than your own street.

    I am renovating a 1956 Moto Guzzi Cardellino 65cc. It stands next to my California 1100i. If I had more space I would have your Bantam no problem.

    I loved watching this. Thanks.


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