4 Comments to “BSA B50 Trail – 500cc – Dirt Bike – British (1971)”

  1. cannis solis says:

    Lovely bike makes me shudder to see a mikuni carb on it though be nice with an amal concentric the mk1 and mk 1 1/2 were good performers (worn mk 2 slides tend to stick a bit) which is what it should have!

  2. It does not run, thanks for watching.

  3. @jf99151
    Actually yesterday I talked my brother into trying to get the BSA 500 running. He was talking about buying a dirt bike, but I told him to just fix his BSA and ride that on our trails. I took the Mikuni off of my Norton so he could try it on his BSA 500. Thanks for watching the video.

  4. jf99151 says:

    DUDE !! i have a nice trick to make your own manifold and use a 32mm Mikuni . Drop a Megacycle cam in there and add the Mikuni, you got a monster.

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