33 Comments to “BSA A65 Thunderbolt 650cc”

  1. asturias581 says:

    Porque pones a competir la música con la moto, zoquete?

  2. x x says:

    Super sweet! Nice bike and very nice looking countryside 😀

  3. Timothy Lee says:

    I have a50r not so fast as the a65 but a bit more smoother getting to like it. but matchy csr takes some beating

  4. seesungsee says:

    Lovely bike, was it filmed in Lincolnshire?

  5. John Dean says:

    Excellent brought back happy memories

  6. Great film. Where was that shot. I thought it was England until I saw you were on the WRONG side of the road !

  7. Alan Cox says:

    Superb.. rode my 1968 roller converted A65 Lightning over 100Km yesterday in Western Australia. Smooth as a turbine compared to the B44VR I've been riding in the UK. for the last 6 months. Miind you the B44 is superb too on the windy back lanes. Great video

  8. What a great sound and a superb bike. I just want want get out on one of my bikes now.

  9. My 2014 Ninja 1k ABS  is better than this bike in every way EXCEPT  the sound. That sound is wonderful. I even miss the sound on my Triumph Tiger Cub that I used to pass my bike test in Harrogate in March 1964 ! I had the A10 too and the useless handling scared the heck out of me… Now I have 140hp and handling, but no twin throb…

  10. 314194 says:

    I am a pre unit man myself, but I would have this in a shot if you were giving it away, just a thought.

  11. farric1 says:

    Magnificent video. I also own a 67 lightning in the same colour and also with the clubman's bars. How do you get your front brake to work properly? Mine is very weak though well adjusted. The bike sounds glorious, are there any baffles in those mufflers? Thanks for posting ….Craig.

  12. Gen Me says:

    my cousins got that exact bike, I have an 850 Norton commando, lovely bike great attitude, ride those classics, hate people who garage em up until there's a show on.

  13. MatzeGTI87 says:

    Very nice. A dream of a motorcycle!
    Greets from Germany

  14. jghezzi6 says:

    This brings back memories of the 1964 650 BSA I rode in SCOTLAND while I was stationed there 1967 to 1969. I shipped it back and wish I hadn't sold it. The handle bars and gauges, steering damper and seat are exactly like mine. Thank's for the memory, 

  15. Can't beat a T-Bolt, Thanks for the ride!

  16. davo022 says:

    Who needs music blaring out when you have that heavenly sound

  17. Milo Ds says:

    People that likes Triumph alaways says it can beat the BSA!!!! Thats a Bull Shit !!! 

  18. Vey nice, I was going to change to another video when the other bad music stoped. There is no better music than a twin in perfect condition like yours. Very short video though, for such a nice bike. Thanks for posting.

  19. Ojoe2010 says:

    Damn, I thought I was saving cash for a vintage Triumph…..now I find out it's actually for a BSA 🙂

  20. mortdk says:

    This is the REAL thing about motorcycling. Nice video … 🙂

  21. i got the same bike…the video is just great!!!

  22. Very nice, no gloves though? Bit silly.

  23. My brother was driving and I was sitting behind him to film and change the camera angles.

  24. 03bonneville says:

    Great video…..the sound of music!

  25. Great camera work.. How did you do this. from the side angle.. ?

  26. MrScelatore says:

    I have seen a couple of your vids.. Dude you are funny as Hell …… I mean that in a good way.

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