8 Comments to “bsa a50 bobber, chopper, barhopper, whatever…. for sale”

  1. Anuskasv0 says:

    Looks good, sounds great.

  2. spare time! your video got more views than mine. 

  3. dogknott62 says:

    my hats off to ya bro …this is the first video of someone who looks like he knows how to tune his beezer one kick and she sounds so sweet …NICE JOB!!!
    unlike some of the guys that grab the pipes to show its cold…
    if you know how to turn a wrench you can make any cold motor start with one kick

  4. mazdagine says:

    What's the stretch and drop on the hardtail

  5. guschambers says:

    probably about 4" stretch, and 2" drop.

  6. Iron519 says:

    Quick question. Is this bike currently listed in Windsor?

  7. guschambers says:

    it was. its sold now.
    sorry for taking so long to reply.

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