15 Comments to “BSA A10 650 with electric starter!!”

  1. Hood Bush. says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have a BSA B31 year 1949 I can put a kit conversion electric starter in my bike? Thanks!

  2. Cracking Job, I was lucky enough to meet Steve at his workshop (appointment only) and see his invention, the way he has made it so it is very discreet on the bike, and the exceptional function of the electric start, whilst still retaining the use of the kick star… Have to say the mans a Genius, proper welsh wizzard 😉 all the best steve.

  3. Alan Asciak says:

    Like the idea for when i'm older, Well hope i grow old enough to have to fit a starter on my norton 650ss :)

  4. maddkraut03 says:

    my sore knee likes this starter, how hard to do one for b44 and my b50?  NIce bike, also.

  5. Stan Robbo says:

    What a shame BSA couldn't do that….

  6. gareth gruff says:

    good job,handy for the old boys……….

  7. kenzo97975 says:

    They started so easy they should never need electric start, my old BSAs were first kick starters every time.

  8. Whats about fitting a B44 Shooting Star with that Electrostarter ? It has allready 12 Volt.

  9. Nice one mate 🙂 Well done – bet that wrecked your head a few times sorting it out!!

  10. peter2ym8 says:

    Impressive! Good to see you back in the biking world!
    Peter Ashley (Windle Imp)

  11. chancho196 says:

    Top work Steve. Next time I'm back in the UK I'll pop over and take a look.

  12. TIGER908 says:

    looks like a good job, perfect for motorcyclists getting to old to kick !

  13. SRMBSA650 says:

    I hope to be able to do the kit for £795 but that has not been finalised yet

  14. roadrocket says:

    how much does that setup cost?

  15. dalozer666 says:

    nice- bike looks huge next to you!

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