15 Comments to “BSA 250 Starfire Piece of Crap”

  1. Fantastic!! Particularly love the saddle bag. Are you restoring it? Would love to see a picture of it restored.

  2. Jeff Bicht says:

    You see mine on a trailer call the police as it is stolen.

  3. Jeff Bicht says:

    I have been working on and riding motorcycles none stop for 44 plus years. 42 of those years mostly on Harley s. The Harley I have now bought new and have over 93K on it and is my only transportation. I put a Harley sidecar on it do to my knees. It and I have been in all but 5 US states and did Alaska in 05. This is excluding Hawaii. I have lived many a year with out 4 wheels but never with out two and now 3 wheels. LOL I have a Triumph t100c I am building slowly.

  4. If you squeeze the brake lever, all motorcycles brake…just FYI 🙂

  5. Jeff Bicht says:

    Not enough room in the last post.
    The tank on your bike is either a HD shovel head supper glice, early 80s sportster or if it has a cut out in the bottom a HD sprint.

    I am glade you got it running and are having fun with it. Ride Safe.

  6. Jeff Bicht says:

    I have been riding and working on motorcycles for over 40 years none stop mostly Harley but not all. Much of the time for a living. I am now redoing my 71 Triumph T100C including all machine work. I have had my motorcycle and ones I built for customers in magazines and all my bikes are and where daily riders. My 02 Harley Ultra I bought new has over 90K on it and I have driven it to all but 5 states that I hope to get in the next year. Did Alaska in 05.

  7. Paul Silvia says:

    The bike cost me a dead Holley 600 , a used sun tach and a 12 pac of bud. It now runs and is a lot of fun. So..how did you know it was a harley tank?

  8. Jeff Bicht says:

    You did not check it out before giving him the money???? Most of the late 70s BSA and Triumphs if you over tighten the axle caps they will brake. Ask me how I know. The tank is a Harley tank.

  9. 2manyrides says:

    It's really too bad it didn't run when you did the vid as you could have showed off the flashing spark plug holder as another big piece of bling.

    But really…it IS an eyesore…….

  10. jkt8012 says:

    Beautiful custom BSA. All it needs is extended forks, hard tail, and ape hangers . You can convert it to a hard tail by removing the rear shocks and replacing them with two 10 inch lengths of 1 inch plumbing pipe with appropriate holes drilled at either end for mounting. Whitewall tires would also improve the eye appeal

  11. bigsky89 says:

    rockin bike dude hahahaha yes, its a piece of crap NOW but when its running, rebuilt properly (not by an untrained monkey who spends too much time at pep boys) and cleaned up thats gonna be a slick little bike. good find, if a little worse for wear… do me a favour, find the PO, and slap him for me, would ya? oh and if he has a motorcycle liscence, take that from him if at all possible. good luck dude!

  12. Paul Silvia says:

    Watch it son……..I might not let you ride it!!!

  13. good thing you didnt pay much for it, and yes it is a piece of crap HAHA


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