British Icons. Global Legends. Reborn.

The next generation of Bonneville motorcycles. More beautiful. More powerful. More capable. Find out more at


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  1. wwwdst says:

    does anyone know the title of this song?

  2. 1:16 he left his girl friend on the table :))

  3. I sell Beemers for a living — but my ride-to-work bike is a '72 T100R Daytona. Now you know why!

  4. Please open a branch in my country T_T

  5. JPSV says:

    Is there a dealership in Hoxton yet? Seriously though, these look great and Triumph should hopefully sell a ton of these. Looking foward to a ride on a Thruxton R. Not sure about those dodgy helmets though.

  6. John Kirkby says:

    Wow…totally awesome!
    I bought a new KTM RC 390 in the past spring which I love but oooh! these are so beautiful. I like the ones that look like a standard 1960's T-120 the best but 1,200 cc's!

  7. +James Hanks it's a DMD Racer Helmet, you can find it on

  8. Looks very nice. Traction control? On A Bonny? Maybe I'm an old man, but that's a bit like having ABS & air brakes on a coffee table…

  9. James Hanks says:

    Any idea on what that white fullface helmet is? Looks fantastic!

  10. SRSLY says:

    my two favourite's street twin and thruxton r damn they look fine

  11. A7XBilly says:

    they are perfect!!! WELL DONE TRIUMPH!!! you do nice steps!!!!

  12. Tem jin says:

    Ah la Thruxton R, plus belle encore que la Norton, en espérant que le tarif ne soit pas le même…Il ne me manquait qu'un démarrage au Kick pour qu’elle soit parfaite !


    Time to sell my wife and son so that I can afford more motorcycles!!

  14. honestbob45 says:

    so I guess anyone looking for new scrambler will have to build a custom from now on?

  15. sql-lover says:

    The Street Twin looks awesome!

  16. Why on earth has there never been a TV documentary about the rebirth of Triumph? Doom and gloom pulls more viewers than success stories I suppose…

  17. M. Calvey says:

    Nice! I can't wait to see the new Thruxton R in person.

  18. PeterDad60 says:

    Triumph Bonneville is the real deal. I purchase mine back in 1976 called the T140V Bonneville and I raced on the streets of Long Island New York until 1992 and I never lost a cafe race. I was very aggressive and the other makers were trying to put Triumph under. I would not allow that, simply because my Bonneville was the best cafe racer on the street so why allow propaganda to rule when Triumph Bonnevilles were still in production. From January 10th. 1977 the day I picked up my Bonneville until the time when I got married in September 14, 1986 I raced every rider and every make on the roads of Long Island and I won every race and that was for 10 consecutive years. Move forward to 1992 and I took my Bonneville out for more racing against 1000cc Kawasaki Ninja's and 1000cc Honda V-4's both new and fuel injected. I still beat them. The secret and it's not a real secret to committed racers is that "HANDLING" with ENOUGH POWER will win the race. My Triumph was 397 lbs from the factory and for a 750cc that was unheard of. I ended removing the mufflers and the seat cushion and puit on cafe bars and the weight was around 365 lbs. Still I won with a stock motor and original OEM Dunlap K70H tires. I never ever spent and cash to hop up my bike. it did not need it. I'm 65 years old now and I just purchased a new 2015 Harley-Davidson FLHP Road King Police and I am not racing I am enjoying the scenery. Be warned, I still have my 1976 T140V Triumph Bonneville and she still runs. While I was racing and defending England I did ride and practice every day. So I had all the local roads memorized and I was always confident of the condition of the pavement on any single day having already ridden through at only 70% speed. I never actually raced the other bikes I raced the road, I never crashed and I never lost. Peter
    I leave it to you young riders to carry on. People are allowed to grow old and retire and trust me a 65 year old man racing against young men would look foolish anyway. I could probable still beat anyone but at this time in my life I do not see the point and I do not have anything to prove. I stand on my 10 consecutive years of Victory's with not a single defeat. I have never met anyone who did that. So go ahead, go out there, get a new race worthy Triumph Bonneville keep her stock and discover the truth, a Vertical Twin in the right hands will beat a transverse four motorcycle on the back roads and even on the parkways because let me tell you my Triumph in stock form was not slow by any means, it just happened to handle so well that we were undefeatable for 16 years. One tip: you steer through the curves using your throttle with a Triumph Twin. More throttle to pick her up in your line and less throttle to drop her down into your chosen line of one tire width on any road at any speed. You will always be in control of your chosen line and you will always come home after winning your street races. When you really need it you can slide both tires in an "S" curve and hold your line, but do not do that routinely of the street, save it for when you really need it. Remember to keep your motorcycle stock so after winning you can say, "well gee friend if I ever lost then like you I am sure I would spend my money on racing tires and other go fast gear, but since I have never lost, well I keep my Bonneville stock". Once the truth sets in you will find all of them wishing that they were riding a Triumph Bonneville because they will tell you so.

  19. triumphmark says:

    Still one of the best motorcycle companies in the world.

  20. scubasmith67 says:

    Damn, you guys are killing it. DO WANT

  21. Mike Parker says:

    Very clever styling and the rebirth of the T120 just one moan…Put more of that new standard exhaust into promo. We don't want to listen to same rift over n over. Almost everyone I know with the T100's changed pipes. Got to to give the bikes the thumbs up style wise. If anyone moans about the water jacket its the only way this bike could get better with leaner burning engines. Unless they fitted a VW ecu's lol. Nice set of bikes Triumph!

  22. Congratulations Triumph, very good job.

  23. Justin Jones says:

    Pretty stoked about that Thruxton R. Looks nice.

  24. Anyone up for the Thruxton R?

  25. I know what make my next bike will be.

  26. crazyRyoga says:

    As a Bonnie black '07 owner I admit I was sceptic but they made a great work on these new models. They looks stunning ;)

  27. sachin ingle says:

    The much Awaited upgrades are finally here …new 900 CC engine iconic yet modern design.. black wheels and the red color looks stunning……. Cant wait to Ride Street Twin !

  28. troyboy986 says:

    Very nice, especially the Cafe.

  29. Dammit! I knew I should have waited to buy my bike.

  30. Again….Triumph has launched new ICONS! Simply the best!

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