Boots Scrambler by ATELIERS HESCHUNG

ATELIERS HESCHUNG et Jens Vom Brauck, designer de la marque JVB. Triumph Scrambler préparée et boots “Scrambler” by ATELIERS HESCHUNG en …


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23 Comments to “Boots Scrambler by ATELIERS HESCHUNG”

  1. Oh my sweet Lord that is quite possibly the most beautiful scrambler I've seen!

  2. Nice sunglases what are they? i mean the brand

  3. Kostchtchle says:

    great video, and i was 666 thumb up… ha ha

  4. Good video! but "Mind Party with Johnny Lewis" is still my personal favorite

  5. i just wana cry look at this bike man it's wonderfull

  6. скажите пожалуйста кто-нибудь,

  7. ivanpaolo1 says:

    What is the name of this bike? The exact model please

  8. dasadopeboy says:

    this guy looks like a douchebag with his douchebag sunglasses and boots..

  9. Jeffry Halim says:

    awsome……………..can't say a word, just cool bike

  10. B Buse says:

    Awesome style. Like it Alot! 

  11. Jason Own says:

    stupid video, no motor sound!

  12. Tom Couchman says:

    what a pretentious poser this guy is its a fucking bike!

  13. Paul Trew says:

    Still love the Scramblers ! Cool bike ;-)

  14. Paul Tbird says:

    I am getting hooked on custom scramblers, they just look so good…

  15. Yu An says:

    Nice bike!! what's the name of the background music ?

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