bobber chopper ride music Johnny Cash


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  1. speedyouest says:

    2 honda , un sporster pauvre Johnny Cash les motos collent pas avec la musique.Les Biker's ça écoute du zz top!!

  2. eggen mady says:

    les bikers sont des gens "LIBRES" ils écoutes ce qu'ils veulent…..sik Great video thanks to the makers 

  3. Train4Life78 says:

    Meraaaa Este Video quedo Brutal, Saludos desde Allentown PA…… Soy de Loiza Valley Canovanas PR

    Ride those Chop Bobbers till the wheels Fall Off

  4. jock cross says:

    sounds sweet shame about the rain bet you had fun though :<)

  5. Alf Bittner says:

    Spose when it's rain'n doesn't matter if you aint got a rear guard, your gett'n a wet ass anyway

  6. Rat Bike says:

    Nice piece……rain s**…..Stripped down bobber a blast…till the rain….stripes up your face…and yes a** and back soaked….I have a 70 shovel jockey shift. …oh well….it's the price we pay….smiling all the while! Beats trolling the internet….pickin apart other people's rides that they handbuilt…GREAT JOB!

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