Bikers Classic Spa – event overview with Alf’s motorcycles Mike ‘Spike’ Edwards

My personal overview of a great weekend riding Alf’s P&M Kawasaki at Spa in the 4hr Endurance with Johnny Barton and Bob Collins.


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6 Comments to “Bikers Classic Spa – event overview with Alf’s motorcycles Mike ‘Spike’ Edwards”

  1. BossaNossa1 says:

    Nice Bikes!, Could you share with me, the history of these bikes? Are they custom/modified built from a factory bike? Or are they ex-racers refurbished..?

  2. BossaNossa1 says:

    Incredible night racing! I can only imagine how difficult it is, you loose depth perception  and dealing with back markers! Your lights don't really illuminate the track that well..? But then again I'm seeing it from the camera's position…

  3. Gabry Race says:

    A Great! Thanks from Italy!

  4. Mike Fry says:

    Great videos Mike I used to race against you on LCs at Aintree back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. What caused you to drop to 26th was it mechanical ?

  5. Rusty Nuts says:

    what kind of camera do you use? I enjoy watching the videos you make.

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